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Kids Asking Parcel Experts of DHL

How does a parcel actually get to its destination? That's what 25 kids from Schkeuditz asked us.

A great morning for DHL colleagues and the kids. In the background our colleagues f.l.t.r. Ronny, Desiree, Hendrik and Sarah.

In February our colleagues Desiree, Sarah, Hendrik and Ronny visited the kindergarten "Villa Kunterbunt". Together they showed a very curious group of children how DHL parcels are delivered. Our colleagues explained everything from pick-up to delivery and answered every question.

Therefore it was important to explain the complicated processes and many steps in an understandable way, Hendrik knows: “It was a real challenge to explain this in a child-friendly way. With the help of a film and a couple of paper airplane container models, I explained the route of a parcel through the world to the children.” 

During worktime Sarah trains our colleagues, this time she practiced parcel packing with the kids.

So much theory was followed by practice. The children were able to pack a very special shipment with our DHL parcel experts. Together they sent blocks, pens and study books to their partner school in Pakistan, which is almost 5,500 km away. As a small surprise, the DHL colleagues put soccer balls and frisbees in the box too. 

Ronny usually loads aircraft containers with his colleagues, in the kindergarten he answered all the children's questions.

It was an unforgettable morning for the kids and colleagues: “I was emotionally touched by the laughing children's eyes, the understanding of our children to help other children and the enormous interest in what “mom” and “dad” are doing in the “yellow container”, Desiree summarizes. When asked if he would take part again, if a kindergarten group would like to know how a parcel is delivered, Ronny only says: "I would love to take part again”, because social responsibility is our passion. - Stefan Macourek

Together with the DHL parcel experts, the children of kindergarten “Villa Kunterbunt” sent a whole box with learning material to their partner school in Pakistan.