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Coming face to face with a tiger is all in a day’s work for our employees at DHL Hub Leipzig – every now and then, they are called upon to arrange specialist transportation for live animals. But the children in our region rarely have the opportunity to see exotic animals like tigers up close, so we invited them to our Kids Day at Leipzig Zoo. From tigers and elephants to flamingos: at the zoo, 45 excited children from the local area gazed in wonder at all kinds of creatures large and small, were taken on a guided tour, went on a photo safari and enjoyed a fun-filled day.

Supporting and working with children is very important to us. Together with a number of business partners and volunteers, we organise a Kids Day every year – and twice yearly since 2018. We plan activities, get partners on board, arrange transport and food for the children and make the day an unforgettable experience for them.

Our previous Kids Days have involved taking the children to see local handball team SC DHfK Leipzig in action or giving the youngsters a glimpse behind the scenes at the Leipzig Hub. On that particular occasion, our young guests were treated to a child-friendly tour of the hub’s customs facilities, visited the enormous sorting halls and enjoyed a fascinating look inside one of our cargo planes. As a thank you for the visit, the children painted a huge colourful picture for us on the floor of one of our halls. — Christiane Gehb