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Music, Sun and Great Atmosphere

The DHL Leipzig hub organized an unforgettable musical highlight together with the Gewandhausorchester leipzig. Katharina Kienitz was one of eleven DHL colleagues who volunteered to support the "Volle Klassik voraus!" event on September 10 and 11.

Katharina supported "Volle Klassik voraus" together with colleagues from the DHL Drehkreuz Leipzig. - © Tobi Holzweiler

It's not the first time that we at the DHL Hub are working together with the Gewandhausorchester to provide cultural highlights in the region.

This year was no exception, but this time on a somewhat unusual stage. Leipzig's waterways were chosen as the venue. But one thing at a time. Under the motto Volle Klassik voraus!”, the joint aim of DHL and the Gewandhausorchester was to bring classical music to the people of Leipzig. That is to say, to the Leipzigers who just happened to be fortunately on or near the canals.

A spectacular view was offered on the weekend of September 10 / 11 - © Tobi Holzweiler

And on this sunny late summer weekend, there were quite a few. We started at the Klingerweg and even before our boats left and the musicians started to play, some curious onlookers gathered at the jetty. You don't see a yellow and red boat with an orchestra every day. And even though I knew what was going to happen, there was something special about the moment when the musicians started to play. People stopped and just listened. For a moment, all ambient sounds were silenced: no children's screams, no bicycle bells, no barking dogs. At least I didn't notice all that for a moment.

There was an audience on water... - © Tobi Holzweiler

It was a premiere for both the Gewandhaus and DHL. Making music on a moving boat. Can that work? Will it be a success? It quickly became clear that these worries were completely unfounded. Leipzig is exactly the right city for such events.

And while the musicians were cruising along Leipzig's waterways, stopping here and there, I was on the road with the other helpers on land on my bicycle. After all, a little bit of promotion is part of it. We provided the audience with goodies to enjoy and participate in, got into conversation or simply listened together.

And also on the shore - © Tobi Holzweiler

For me, this weekend was wonderful. Music, sun, a great atmosphere and above all: enthusiastic people. The musicians on the boats, the helpers from the Gewandhaus and DHL, the passers-by who happened to be there. Every single one of them was in a good mood. - Katharina Kienitz