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Not just a stopgap

Sorting urgent shipments in record time - that's what DHL Express stands for, and that's what the hub Leipzig stands for. However, our planes are not just filled with express freight.

Full of dedication: Patrick Ronneburg is passionate about his job in Terminal 3.

An average of 350,000 shipments pass through Leipzig hub during one night. Documents, parcels and pallets are unloaded, sorted and reloaded in record time before they finally travel by plane. All this as fast as possible, because the hub is part of DHL's Express network.

However, some cargo that passes through the hub may take a little more time. The so-called ACS (= Air Capacity Sale) freight. If there is still free space in the aircraft available, it will be filled with ACS freight. Although this kind of freight is less time-critical, you have to face different challenges when handling ACS. Patrick Ronneburg, who works as a Duty Manager in this area, explains the reason for that: "ACS is a special product type, which is less restricted than typical express shipments, which are our core business."

The trip to the USA began well secured for the new Porsche.

As a result, for Patrick extraordinary freight is part of his daily business. "From urgent medicine, over heavyweight aircraft turbines to a full-grown rhino - there are almost no limits," he explains. This challenge is one of the reasons why he has been working in the department ACS for the last eleven years.

Patrick and his colleagues know their business - many journalists were able to observe that live in September when six new Porsche 911s made their flight to the USA as part of their market launch. The destination was the Porsche Experience Center Atlanta, where they arrived safely, certainly thanks to the professional loading in Leipzig. —  Julia Ende