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5 Out of Over 7000 Reasons to Work at the Leipzig Hub

We deliver worldwide in express time. We also transport the most unusual cargo (yes, a shark can also fit on an airplane). It is therefore clear why customers choose us. Today we want to take a look behind the scenes and address the question: Why is it great to work for us?

Good view: Our DHL planes close enough to touch - © Felix Brodowski

1. Your workplace

With us, the heart of every plane spotter beats faster: planes as far as the eye can see, in almost all shapes. As an employee on the apron, you get even closer to the coveted object, e.g. when loading and unloading the planes. But logistics fans also get excited with us, when several thousand tons of freight are sorted night after night. Anyone who now only thinks of packages and sharks is wrong.

2. The basics

In addition to the impressive airport atmosphere, we also offer permanent employment contracts, an in-house collective agreement, night, public holiday and Sunday bonuses, a comprehensive further training program, a job ticket and much more. 

Teamwork is everything for us - © Felix Brodowski

3. More than a basic

Eating roasted almonds at our yellow and red Christmas market? Experience the Gewandhaus Orchestra up close? Cool hoodies, tickets to sporting events, your own cinema screenings: As a Leipzig Hub colleague, you always have something to look forward to.

4. Our culture

Describing the entire corporate culture here is of course impossible. Nevertheless, there should be a few insights at this point. Appreciation is very important to us. We have already noticed that. We meet as equals. This starts with the language, because everyone here is on first-name terms – including our managing director. Teamwork is also our motto after work, e.g. when training in the LEJ Hub sports groups or when planting trees together. 

During the Benefitz Tour last autumn, we cycled together for a good cause

5. Your team...

... consists of more than 7000 colleagues. We are diverse, unique and cosmopolitan. We stand up for each other, work hand in hand, learn from each other and with each other. Together we experience highs and lows and thus form a working atmosphere that exudes more fascination than any airplane. - Julia Ende