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Sporty Delivery for Little High Flyers

DHL Hub Leipzig & SC DHfK Handball players support regional young athletes

The handball kids of the HV Glesien 1929 were not only happy about new sports equipment, but also about the prominent visit of handball professionals Julius Meyer-Siebert, Bastian Roscheck and sports coordinator Philipp Müller as well as DHL managing director Ralph Wondrak.

Back on the pitch, into the water or back on the tartan track. After almost a full year without club sport, finally training in the open air has been permitted since spring. But not every (indoor sports-) club is equipped for this exceptional situation and has the right equipment to train with its members outside. Therefore, the young athletes from ten regional clubs were quite surprised when suddenly colleagues from the DHL Hub in Leipzig and the professionals from the Handball Bundesliga Club SC DHfK Leipzig stood in front of them as surprise guests in one of those open-air sessions. And they had plenty of sports equipment with them, including cones, hurdles and slalom poles, which they handed over to the kids and youth teams to kick off their training. “As a Gold Sponsor of the SC DHfK handball academy, young sports talents have been very important to us for many years. Due to the challenging situation for many clubs, we and those responsible at SC DHfK thought about how we could help in regional youth sport,” said DHL Managing Director Ralph Wondrak, explaining the idea for the campaign. 

Some devices were tried out directly in a relay race “big versus little”, as here at the soccer club Union 47 Zschernitz.

“Together we organized a lot of outdoor equipment for varied exercise units. We wanted to motivate the girls and boys who have not been able to exercise for a long time due to the corona pandemic,” says the formerly active handball player Wondrak.

There is also something special about this campaign: The clubs were suggested by employees of the LEJ Hub. In the end, the lot was chosen from over 70 entries. In addition to the young footballers from Union 47 Zschernitz, the handball youngsters from HV Glesien 1929 and the canoeists from SG LVB, roller hockey club Aufbau Böhlitz-Ehrenberg, Speedskating-Leipzig, SG Taucha 99, LSG Löbnitz, SG Leipzig-Bienitz, SV Lok Leipzig-Mitte and the Taijutsu-Kentando-Leipzig were rewarded and surprised with fully packed sports packages. And that's not all: The Handball Bundesliga team also participated in all training sessions with the kids - whether football or roller hockey. Watch the full video on YouTube.

The kids from SG Taucha 99, together with the Leipzig handball professionals Gregor Remke, Joel Birlehm and sports coordinator Philipp Müller, were also very happy.

"On your marks, get set, go!" Was the motto during the training of the roll hockey club Aufbau Böhlitz-Ehrenberg in front of the prominent handball guests from Leipzig.

The handball players Gregor Remke (left in the picture) and Joel Birlehm (right in the picture) had no chance against the youngsters of SG Taucha 99.

The soccer team from SG Leipzig-Bienitz thought the surprise deserves a "thumbs up".