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There is No Cheating Here

It's clear. DHL and its hub and then blogging. Of course we are about to report good things about here so that everyone knows: hey, they don't just transport packages, they also connect people and improve their lives. Obviously! This is the DPDHL mission. It is also clear - there is quite a lot of truth in it and it is not only packages that are well received by us.

The DHL Kids Day took place on the premises of the Hallischer Ruderclub on 14 May.

For example, when we went to DHL Kids Day in Halle/Saale in May, less than 20 km from the hub, we had a pretty cool delivery on board. Every smile counts for us. But this time it was even more special – is that even possible? No, but let that be left out: Smiles. Simply delivered.

54 children greeted us with beaming eyes when our 25 colleagues arrived from the turnstile at the rowing club premises. One child wasn't beaming, but that child apparently hadn't noticed that we were already there. Or: it knew that unfortunately we would have to leave again at some point.

But until then there was still a whole day worth of time - which we don't usually have, because after all we are an express logistics company. On this Kids Day, however, the motto was: Sit down and take it easy. We wanted to take things slow. At least that was the idea. But then the kids kept us on our toes and in the finest sunshine we got going quite quickly. What would some people give for dry ice now? Insider – we have that too, just not today.

Instead: sack races, dry rowing, stacking packages. The Olympic disciplines – or at least those of the hub on May 14th in Halle/Saale. Or that of the volunteers from the hub team, like Madlen Michelmann: “The day touched me positively, we had a lot of fun. The laughter of the children, the excitement and enthusiasm at the stations: just great!”

That's how we naturally imagined the cooperation with the rowing club in Halle and the house "Regenbogenland" - a care project for children, teenagers and young adults. "A great collaboration," concludes DHL colleague Simone Koch from the customs department.

Together we were able to make 54+1 children happy - and we didn't cheat: we connected people, improved their lives. And because such a life is long and there are many people, we like to do it every day. Really! - Christian Adam