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Three questions for Benjamin Diedering from BDX Media

With BDX Media, Benjamin Diedering founded one of the fastest growing media content agencies in Leipzig. He and his team have visited the DHL hub several times to produce unforgettable content. Benni tells us why that was unforgettable for him.

Benni during the shoot at the DHL Hub Leipzig.

"We don't beg for jobs, we do them," says BDX Media on its website. And several jobs were done at our DHL hub. For example, our employee film, which had its premiere this summer. Another project was on the agenda lately and Benni and his team spent several nights at the hub. A good time to ask what impressions he has of our site.

Benni, you've been to our hub many times. What is so special filming here?

First of all, the preparation is something special, especially due to the safety guidelines. All equipment must be registered in advance and therefore we have to plan enough time for the safety check.

It's also super exciting that we shoot at night. For me it's always a bit like in my childhood, when I was allowed to stay up late at night. And here at the hub, it is of course extremely exciting at night: to look behind the scenes and experience everything that is happening here at the same time. When you stand on the apron or in the visitors' gallery for the first time and see how so many people work together as a team, it's simply impressive. And we immediately felt accepted when we were shooting with the teams. We really felt like we were part of the whole.

For the BDX team, the Leipzig hub provided an exciting scenery.

You have already got to know some DHL colleagues through your work. How would you describe the DHL mentality?

It is said that big companies are sometimes slow. But that is absolutely not the case with DHL. The people who work here at the hub are very unique. Everyone is just warm and open. These company values ​​that the DHL hub in Leipzig has, such as passion, speed, etc., are really lived and I felt that immediately during the shoot. The employees here simply love their job.

They also did their best to make everything possible, no matter how extraordinary our requests were. The people were all very solution-oriented and I really appreciate that.

Benni during the night shoot: Together with a Leipzig Hub employee, shots were taken in the tug.

Looking back, what did you find particularly impressive?

I immediately think of the cargo you call ACS (Air Capacity Sales). When we were there, for example, a Rolls Royce was loaded. And the Hub & Network Control Center also impressed me, simply because it brings all the strings together. I also found it really crazy that there is a route between Hong Kong, Leipzig & Los Angeles that is flown every day. We are also opening an office in Los Angeles and I would not have thought that Leipzig and Los Angeles are so directly connected with each other.

We thank Benni for the interview. If you want to learn more about the adventures of media production, you can also follow him on LinkedIn. - Julia Ende