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Planting Trees to Achieve Our Climate Targets

Joint planting activities are fun, good for the environment and strengthen the team spirit.

At DHL Hub Leipzig, we’ve long been committed to sustainability and environmental protection. Through our Group-wide GoGreen climate protection program, we are working hard to reduce all logistics-related emissions to zero. Our main objective is to cut greenhouse gases and air pollutant emissions, with our reforestation project at the site being a major step along this road. Since 2012, our team has achieved great things: more than 15,000 trees have already been planted. Not only are these community projects good for the environment, they also help boost team spirit outside the workplace. Reinhard Wohlfahrt, who works in the Sorting department, has taken part three times already. He says: “It’s fun, and we can use our green thumbs to make a real difference to the environment.” On a sunny day, Reinhard and his colleagues made their way to Leipzig’s Auenwald forest, where they planted 1,500 trees on an area of 5,000 square meters.

Since 2012, the team has planted more than 15,000 trees.

Initially planted with five seedlings, the football field-sized site is now planted with 2,000 young trees that were supplied by our partners at the Sachsenforst state forestry administration. This initiative allows DHL Hub Leipzig to do its bit for environmental protection and demonstrates how sustainability successfully fits in the working environment. This is our way of contributing to the climate protection program. — Stefan Macourek