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Press Release: Madrid, September 1, 2021

  • One of the most prestigious recognitions in the field of Human Resources management and business strategy, awarded annually to the best employers in the world.
  • Inclusion, diversity and recognition are among the issues most valued by employees who feel a strong sense of belonging to the organization.
  • The company is committed to a shared management model based on an inclusive environment.

DHL Supply Chain Iberia, a subsidiary of the leading logistics group in supply chain management, DHL Supply Chain, continues to receive recognition for its Human Resources management. The company has been certified as "Great Place to Work", awarded by the Great Place to Work® consulting firm, leader in the identification and certification of Excellent Places to Work.  

Following an assessment of the organizational environment, which includes a global questionnaire to employees, DHL Supply Chain Iberia has obtained this certification, which accredits it as an organization with a high-trust culture, capable of attracting and retaining talent. Specifically, the results of the survey show the special value its professionals place on the company's inclusion and diversity policy, as they consider that they are treated fairly regardless of their age, race or gender. Employees positively value how they are treated regardless of their position in the company and have a deep sense of belonging, feeling proud of the company's achievements.

As Juan Sanchez, Human Resources Director at DHL Supply Chain Iberia, explains, "The Great Place to Work certification is a source of pride and a further demonstration of DHL's commitment to the satisfaction and development of all its team members. We place each employee at the center of the business with our 'Together' shared management model. This model is based on creating an inclusive environment in which each member of the DHL family makes decisions and feels connected of the organization's destiny. We want each member to contribute to the organization and the business, but always giving them all the possible tools to develop their personal and professional potential".

Encouraging continuous improvement and diversity with the employee always at the center

DHL Supply Chain Spain is committed to continuous improvement in team member satisfaction so they feel even more recognized and committed to the company. Team members uphold values such as responsibility, commitment and respect for others which result in promoting productive relationships over time.  On average, our 4,170 employees serve for 9 years, and we have a voluntary turnover rate of under 3% per year – compared to 21% in the logistics sector.

Talent development is key for DHL Supply Chain, as nearly 70% of the jobs it offers are filled internally through promotions. In addition, each employee receives over 25 hours of training per year with an investment of approximately 500,000 Euros per year.

One of the key aspects DHL Supply Chain values is the promotion of diversity within its logistics centers. A statistic that enriches and strengthens the company is the fact that over 40 nationalities are employed at DHL Supply Chain. DHL Supply Chain places great emphasis on its equal opportunity policy, meaning promoting diversity in all levels of the company as well as implementing hiring and promotion policies without considering factors such as race, age or gender.

The percentage of women in the company is 38%, a figure that has been increasing in recent years due to adopting and promoting its equal opportunity policy. A little over 30% of the management team currently consists of women.

Also noteworthy is DHL Supply Chain Iberia's commitment to integrating people with disabilities, another prioritized objective within its CSR strategy in Human Resources. The company has developed an effective hiring model, either directly or through agreements with Special Employment Centers. As a result, the group accounts for nearly 10% of the company's annual hiring.