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Pharma and Temperature Controlled Air Freight

Providing the most reliable and compliant air freight solutions for your pharmaceutical and life science goods

We provide you with the highest quality and compliant temperature-controlled air freight solutions, designed specifically for your pharmaceutical and life science goods. With certified experts across 150 dedicated life sciences and healthcare facilities globally, we partner with you to find the solutions that are right for you, and ensure the safe and reliable handling of your cargo.

Our Pharma and Temperature Controlled Air Freight Solutions

DHL AirControlnet

Need a trusted and reliable solution for your non-temperature-controlled air freight shipments? We’re here to give you peace of mind, providing you with end-to-end GxP compliant shipments, documenting the transportation milestones, all supported by our certified life sciences specialists.

  • Ensuring the specialist care you need through our certified global network
  • Providing reassurance with process management for GxP compliant shipments
  • Full end-to-end SOP support with lane risk assessment
  • Total visibility and confidence with online data management

DHL AirThermonet

Need an efficient and compliant solution for your temperature-sensitive shipments? We give you total reassurance with temperature controlled GxP compliant air freight shipments, offering 24/7 visibility and proactive intervention, supported by the largest certified life sciences network in the industry.

  • 24/7/365 proactive tracking and monitoring for total assurance of shipping conditions throughout transit
  • Total visibility and reassurance with online, real-time tracking and IoT monitoring
  • Intervention management capabilities in case of SOP deviation (e.g. temperature, humidity etc.)

DHL LifeConEx

Need temperature-controlled air freight solutions, with the highest levels of reliability, tailored specifically to your needs? We offer a premium management solution for your temperature-sensitive goods in the pre-launch, launch and distribution stages.

  • Fully customized, white glove solutions
  • Total visibility and reassurance with online, real-time tracking
  • Offering expedited process management (Same Day Specialty Courier)
  • Providing easy access to advanced analytics and data for your goods
  • Supplier Management program inclusive of Quality Agreements
  • Includes AirControlnet and DHL AirThermonet features for temperature-controlled air freight

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