When you open a DHL business account, you'll receive personalised support, better shipping rates, additional delivery and payment options, exclusive tools and more. Learn how we help small and mid-sized businesses thrive. 

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Reliable Shipping For Business

Our 550,000 logistics experts are ready to connect you with customers in 220 countries and territories – including yours. If you're a small business or mid-sized business looking to expand your reach, we're the e-commerce delivery partner who'll be there for your business. 

  • Ship at home or abroad
  • Reach 220 countries & territories
  • Trusted network

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Valuable Benefits

Opening a DHL business account will unlock access to preferential shipping rates, additional payment options, our extended product portfolio, and tools to help you manage shipments more effectively. Our valuable benefits save you time and money.

  • Preferential business rates
  • Exclusive tools
  • Access to more products

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Genuine Customer Service

Another perk of partnering with us: you'll have a personal account manager – a genuine partner for your business. So whether you're wondering how e-commerce shipping works, which shipping methods are available, or how to reduce e-commerce shipping costs, simply ask your account manager on any channel.  

  • Your personal business account manager
  • Answers to your e-commerce shipping questions

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Easy Shipping Management & Integrations

We're plugged into most major e-commerce platforms (Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, etc.) and shipping software. Running your own system? Have a look at our API library to get quotes, calculate the total cost of package deliveries, find service points, and much more. Finally, our DHL portals give you yet another option for managing your deliveries. 

  • Compatible with most e-commerce platforms & software
  • API library
  • Access to dedicated DHL portals

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E-commerce Shipping Options

Shipping is a big part of how customers experience your brand. We aim to please – from that last click on the order button to the moment your product arrives at their doorstep. With us, you've got options: affordable domestic and international shipping, easy returns, and express services for global deliveries, so your products get there in time for the weekend – or breakfast or lunch.

  • Affordable domestic and international deliveries
  • Premium global shipping
  • Easy returns

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Extra Protection For Your Products

Our track record speaks for itself: 5.2 million parcels moved per day, six days a week, since 1969. If you ever need more peace of mind, we offer additional options to protect your deliveries. 

  • Strong track record
  • 5+ million parcels a day, 6 days a week
  • Additional options to protect deliveries

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