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A DHL Perspective on How to Prepare for Future Growth

This white paper allows a deep dive into the logistical future especially focusing on the key challenges and trends in the field of life sciences. With identifying the most important required actions for the coming years the white paper provides a holistic understanding for life sciences logisticians to be prepared for the future.

DHL and its research partner Z_punkt The Foresight Company followed a three stage approach when conducting the research. Initially, the most important megatrends were analyzed. Secondly, key challenges based on current changes and developments in society, technology, politics and economy were evaluated. Finally, the research team drew conclusions on the respective logistics implications and pointed out areas where action is needed.

Key Logistics Trends in Life Sciences 2020+

is the second trend based white paper published by the trend research team of Solutions and Innovation, the innovation department of DHL, following the Logistics Trend Radar.

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