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Digitalization is a key value driver in the supply chain, but with many potential use cases and the continual release of new technologies, investing in the right place and time with the right technology to maximize value is a complex challenge.

DHL are leaders in the field and can help you overcome this complexity. Digitalization forms a key pillar of our corporate strategy, and we continue to invest heavily in new capabilities through proactive monitoring of the global market to identify new solutions and technologies.

By working with a broad range of external providers to extensively test and filter for the best scalable solutions, we have done the hard work to help you cut through the cost and complexity of supply chain digitalization.   

Supply Chain Digitalization Capabilities

Digital Process Automation

Enabled through a team of dedicated process automation specialists using a selected technology array - from Robotic Process Automation to Optical Character Recognition and Natural Language Processing – administrative and repetitive tasks are automated to drive accuracy, cost benefit and job satisfaction.

Robotics & Automation

At DHL we have a dedicated Accelerated Digitalization program managing a portfolio of automation and digitalization solutions and supporting active deployment based on operational characteristics. More than 3,700 automation devices have been deployed across ~1,500 locations, globally. 

DHL Trend Radar

As technologies develop and community values change, new trends emerge and their relevance begin to intersect with the logistics industry. DHL monitors the landscape to identify the portfolio of technology solutions which will drive greatest value in the Era of Logistcs.   

Data & Analytics

Supply chain & logistics system rely on data to run efficiently. They also generate large volume of data which DHL combines with advanced analytics tools and expertise to further plan and optimize, driving cost reduction, operational efficiency gains and improved service levels.  

IoT & Sensor Solutions

Sensors and IoT devices generate crucial data on shipment locations and conditions and facilitate real-time warehouse monitoring. Leveraging digital platforms, this data enhances visibility and control within the Life Sciences and Healthcare supply chain.

Operational Management Systems

DHL works with market leading external providers to offer a range of supply chain & logistics operational management systems. This gives flexibility to meet the individual needs of our customers with best-in-class solutions whilst leveraging the benefits of a standardized framework and operating principles.

If you have a specific challenge on the topic of digitalization within your supply chain contact us here to understand how we can help:


DHL Life Sciences & Healthcare is devoted to helping you overcome industry-specific challenges. We drive growth and innovation through a comprehensive range of solutions including process automation, robotics and analytics ready for our customers to deploy at scale and realize the benefits from day one.


Focus technologies identified by DHL to automate supply chain operations


operating locations where DHL has deployed robotics and automation technologies


intelligent process automation projects have been delivered by DHL

Take your Supply Chain Digitalization To The Next Level

Our latest report, ‘Delivering Next-Level Healthcare’ provides expert analysis on the technological, social and economic trends fueling the current healthcare revolution. Learn all about the logistics and supply chain innovations that are now crucial to the future of healthcare.