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Future of Mobility

We provide future-forward solutions focused on the case mobility model

Connected transportation, autonomous vehicles, the sharing economy and EVs (CASE), coupled with the emergence of mega suppliers, are reshaping the entire Auto-Mobility industry, bringing it closer to the technology sector. 

To respond effectively, Auto-Mobility companies will need to embrace standardized logistics processes, systems, operating practices, and capabilities. DHL’s proven ability to innovate, adapt, and combine solutions is supporting the evolution of Auto-Mobility logistics. Future vehicles will be:

1. Connected

Linked by highspeed data to other vehicles, devices, and infrastructure.

2. Autonomous

AI software and hardware that enables vehicles to operate independently.

3. Shared

Shared vehicle solutions enabled by digital communication tools and apps.

4. Electric

Sustainable vehicles powered by electricity and driven by electric motors.

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Logistics Solutions for the Future of Auto-Mobility

At DHL we are investing extensively in research and innovation to ensure that we can support our customers with all aspects of CASE-focused automotive logistics. Our experience, expertise and commitment to innovation make us the Auto-Mobility logistics supplier of choice. The development is being powered by the collaboration of the automotive and logistics industries. These are likely to focus on two key areas:

Business Models

Fleet Management

The sharing economy is changing corporate transport models. At DHL, our fleet management solutions focus on maximizing usability and vehicle access while minimizing downtime and the total cost of operations. We focus on flexible procurement, fleet maintenance and vehicle assets that are fit for the future.


DHL has the global expertise to support vehicle producers across integrated online platforms and e-commerce supply chains with flexible customer-centric logistics. We provide e-commerce enabling solutions for direct-to-consumer operations as well as auto parts either for manufacturing or replacement.

Partnerships and Collaboration

The scale of the current Auto-Mobility transformation can be too much for OEMs to handle alone. Electrification, connected cars, component supply issues, and virtualization may be overwhelming. Through partnerships and collaborations with DHL, you can access the specialized skills and support you need.

Sourcing and Inventory Management

DHL helps by working with customers to develop global procurement strategies, offer sector expertise, source suppliers, control inventory and even take over contract and supplier performance management. Auto-Mobility businesses can benefit from DHL’s global strengths and best practices.


Warehouse Automation

We deliver warehouse automation and automated fulfilment to boost Auto-Mobility logistics capacity, cut costs, and meet growing demand. Together with our customers, we are pioneering new and innovative automation solutions for smart warehousing to add to our existing in-plant and warehouse services.

Digitalization and Visibility

Through our collaboration with Everstream Analytics, DHL uses AI to capture, rationalize, and synthesize data to provide predictive insights that can optimize supplier networks and supply chain efficiency. We are constantly developing new ways to leverage our data systems to benefit our customers.

Smart Manufacturing

We enable intelligent, effective, and responsive Auto-Mobility manufacturing through advanced logistics by using robotics, wearables, and analytics-driven visibility. Our technologies use IoT, big data, automation, and cloud computing to enhance the manufacturing process and optimize costs.

Network Redesign and Optimization

DHL assists by designing, developing, and implementing fully integrated process-driven networks with central control towers to coordinate a region’s operations. This service is supported by a Central Total Logistics Cost Management (TLCM) team that continuously identifies and delivers new value.

Future of Mobility Trends

Two industry-critical trends are emerging from the automotive sector. These will have a significant impact on the way that OEMs and logistics companies shape the Auto-Mobility supply chains of the future.

The CASE Model

C.A.S.E., or Connected, Autonomous, Shared, and Electrified has become the guiding principle for the evolution of the automotive industry. It’s already had a game-changing impact on OEMs, suppliers, and the global automotive logistics industry and the further integration of CASE technologies will continue to shape the future of Auto-Mobility. Anticipating the future logistics needs of OEMs will range from shared vehicle storage facilities and single-use delivery to extensive data management and privacy compliance.  

Mega-Suppliers and Manufacturing Clusters

Suppliers are getting bigger. They are vertically integrating and forming new partnerships to serve vehicle manufacturers. Suppliers are also establishing global manufacturing clusters around OEM production plants. Logistics solutions are needed to serve these new developments and, where implementing these new models is not possible, to develop relevant logistics alternatives to allow OEMs to remain competitive.

Global Innovation Centers

Our global DHL Innovation Centers provide a unique platform for customers, partners and thought leaders to discover forward-thinking trends and cutting-edge technologies, connect with our open innovation ecosystem of partners to translate insight into action faster, and create impact through real innovation at scale.

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