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Case Studies

Explore real examples of Auto-Mobility solutions from the world's leading logistics provider.

Discover the bespoke solutions we developed alongside our customers to overcome logistics challenges within the Auto-Mobility sector. 

Passenger Vehicles Case Studies

We are a global leader offering integrated, reliable, and flexible end-to-end passenger vehicle logistics solutions. Explore our selected logistics case studies to see DHL in action.

Inbound to Manufacturing - Domestic

Customized to meet the specific delivery needs of each passenger vehicle production plant

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Manufacturing Logistics

Large-scale services and high-level partnerships with OEMs in support of  passenger vehicle production

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Prototype and Samples Management

Specialist small-volume logistics to accelerate delivery, simplify complexity, and protect confidentiality

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Passenger Vehicle Aftermarket Logistics

With a focus on excellence, this solution supports business growth and market share expansion  

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Commercial Vehicle Case Studies

At DHL, we provide commercial vehicle supply chain services and logistics guidance to overcome challenges and achieve business-critical objectives. Take a look at our selected case studies.

International Inbound-to-Manufacturing

Managing the complexity of multiple suppliers around the world while also controlling schedules, transportation modes and logistics costs

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Commercial Vehicle Spare Parts Direct

Global express delivery of genuine, specialized parts with seamless ordering, full visibility, and the highest service levels

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Commercial Vehicle Aftermarket Logistics

Maximizing commercial vehicle uptime with parts availability, efficient time-to-market, and competitive cost-to-serve

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Components Case Studies

We provide global supply chain solutions for the Auto-Mobility components sector. Explore some of our recent case studies. 

International Freight Planning Center

Redesign and execution services for component companies anticipating EV/AV growth and strategic supply chain transformation

(320.9 KB)

International Freight Consolidation

Enabling component sourcing from around the world in multiple locations with a proven and effective consolidation solution

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Tires Case Studies

We understand that tire logistics needs specialized solutions that are reliable and dependable. Take a look at our customer case studies. 

OEM Tire Logistics

Customized to meet the specific tire delivery needs of each vehicle production plant 

(344.4 KB)

Replacement Tire Logistics

Responding to complex order fulfilment with the highest service levels and proven cost efficiency

(225.1 KB)

Specialty Tire Logistics

Bespoke tire logistics supporting equipment uptime in aviation, mining, agriculture, forestry, and other demanding industries

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Electric Vehicle Case Studies

We are leaders in providing Electric Vehicle solutions for the automotive industry and specialize in the provision of safe and reliable battery logistics. Take a look at our automotive customer case studies.  

International Inbound for Batteries

Specialist personnel, services, and facilities to meet the legal and practical demands of moving electric vehicle batteries

(301.1 KB)

Battery Logistics Center (Production)

A jointly developed and highly customized I2M solution for pre-production lithium-ion battery warehousing

(276.7 KB)

EV Batteries - Aftermarket Logistics

Trusted warehousing and transportation in a complex, highly regulated aftermarket sector, without upfront investment

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