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Additional steps within the Mobility Package 1 implemented as of February 2022

2022-02-09 The Mobility Package decided upon by the EU entails major changes in the transport sector when new regulations that come into effect in February. This means that various changes, both necessary and positive, will be implemented in the years to come. Everyone in the logistic business, both carriers and customers, should stay informed and aware of what is happening as the consequences of this new regulatory framework will affect logistics, cargo planning and costs. As your carrier, DHL will of course ensure compliance with the regulations while we continue to strive for good transport quality.

Below is some brief information that we want to share with you:

The mobility package is a common regulatory framework within the EU that has been developed to:

  • Improve and clarify working conditions for drivers
  • Clear and unambiguous rules for the posting of drivers
  • Better compliance  with current and new regulations to prevent illegal practices in the transport sectors

The Mobility Package 1, which entered into force already in 2020 will continue to be implemented step by step and to various extent, which is why some parts already were entered into force in 2020.

Implemented is:

  • The driver must not spend the weekly rest (45 hours) in the cabin. The weekly rest must take place in suitable and gender-adapted accommodation with suitable sleeping facilities and sanitary facilities. The accommodation must be paid for by the employer.
  • The driver must be given the opportunity to return to his home country at least every four weeks

The following changes will come into force during February:

  • Posting of a driver must take place in the countries where the current driver will operate. The employer must issue a posting declaration i.e. enter the period with start and end dates for the assignment in each country. All date must be registered in IMI, which is a European Market Information System (EU)
  • When the quota for the cabotage transports has been filled, the tractor unit concerned must leave the country in which the cabotage transports were carried out, for a so called cooling off period which must be at least four days before returning and performing new cabotage transports in that country
  • Exceptions for cabotage transport (road section) for combined transports are abolished in Sweden
  • Vehicles must return to the state of establishment, the country in which the vehicle is registered, every eight weeks
  • The number of permitted cabotage transports will continue to be a maximum of three during a seven-day period after the end of an international transport

The consequences of the rules already introduced, together with the changes that will be introduced in the future, are as follows:

  • The shortage of capacity and drivers will increase and become more extensive than they already are under the current situation
  • An increased and more complex and more expensive administration
  • Higher overheads, reduced capacity, poorer efficiency and increased administration leads to higher shipping prices
  • Negative environmental impact

The next step with the Mobility package 1 to be implemented is the following:

  • As of May 2022, light transport vehicles weighing more than 2.5 tonnes will also be covered by EU haulage standards.
  • During 2023-2025 “Smart tachographs version 2” will be introduced. Initially, it will take place in new vehicles, but during the period it will also be introduced to older ones so that by 2025 all vehicles concerned will be included.

The links below give you and your company the opportunity to stay informed about the Mobility Package and its consequences. We recommend that you take part in the information via the following links:

DHL follows the developments closely and will continue to keep our customers informed.