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Air Freight

Providing you with the broadest and most flexible range of DHL Air Freight services to move your goods quickly and reliably

DHL Global Air Freight is here to get your goods to market quickly and reliably, promising on-time deliveries to and from every country globally, in total compliance with local regulations. We work closely with you to provide an extensive and flexible range of services, designed to suit your needs, enable your success and help you deliver on your promises.

Trusted Network

We get your cargo where it needs to be, on-time, every time. Working with carefully selected carriers, operating schedules on all the world’s major routes, we help you plan with certainty and deliver on your promises.

Expert Partners

We’re here in over 850 offices globally, to give you local knowledge and support. We know your goods are important, so we employ dedicated airport-based DHL staff to ensure safe and reliable handling of your air freight cargo.

Smooth Customs

We help you clear your goods for customs and reduce the stress of global trade. Our global network of local customs experts facilitates the smooth and compliant movement of your goods, wherever you trade.

GoGreen Solutions

We help you decrease emissions whilst increasing the efficiency of your logistics operations. Through strategic network planning we optimize routes, improving your speed to market and reducing your carbon footprint.

DHL Air Freight State of Industry

Want to know all the latest market developments impacting Global Air Freight and your business? Receive the latest insights and market developments – from supply and demand growth, to jet fuel prices and more.

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DHL SameDay

The fastest DHL Air Freight services for emergency situations

We ensure the delivery of your mission-critical international and domestic air cargo shipments, offering immediate collection and door-to-door delivery.

Services Available 
  • DHL SameDay Jetline
  • DHL SameDay Sprintline
  • DHL SameDay Speedline

DHL Standard Air Freight Products

Giving you reliability at the speed you need

We help you plan with certainty – working with carefully selected carriers, operating schedules on all the world’s major routes, giving you a choice of air freight delivery speeds to suit your needs.

Services Available
  • DHL Air Priority
  • DHL Air Tailored Lift
  • DHL Air Economy

Pharma and Temperature Controlled Solutions

Connecting people with your lifesaving products

We provide you with the highest quality and compliance in temperature controlled DHL Air Freight solutions, with certified experts across 150 dedicated life sciences facilities globally.

Services Available
  • DHL AirControlnet
  • DHL AirThermonet
  • DHL LifeConEx

Your Journey with DHL Air Freight

Meet your expert DHL Air Freight partners and learn about your journey with DHL Global Forwarding.

Let’s Get Your Goods to Market

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