Automated and efficient carbon reporting solution for DHL Group’s cross-divisional customers DHL GoGreen Dashboard

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DHL GoGreen Dashboard

DHL GoGreen Dashboard is a single-point solution for your company’s carbon footprint across multiple divisions of DHL Group. With various visualizations, multi-dimensional views and breakdowns, the tool offers consolidated emissions insights through an interactive dashboard.

How DHL GoGreen Dashboard helps DHL’s cross-divisional customers derive emission insights:

  • Offer emissions reporting compliant with ISO14083 Standard and Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC) Framework.
  • Consolidate emission information from all divisions of DHL Group in a standardized format.
  • Provide enhanced reporting insights, such as emissions across transport modes, lanes, and DHL products.

Main Features of the Tool

1. One-stop consolidation

All DHL divisions’ data in one place 

2. ISO & GLEC compliant

Aligned with ISO 14083 Standard & GLEC Framework

3. Versatile visualizations

Multiple types of visuals to display emission metrics

4. Customizable dashboard

Via slicers, filters & interactive visuals

5. In-depth reporting

Coverage of key emission metrics & breakdown

6. Report & data export

Direct export of report & data tables in multiple formats

7. In-time reporting

Monthly data update & customizable periods

What emission metrics are reported in the tool

In compliance with the ISO 14083 Standard and GLEC Framework, DHL GoGreen Dashboard reports the following required metrics with detailed break-downs:

Absolute CO2e Emissions

Emission Intensity

Energy Use

Detailed Break-Downs

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