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Direct Line to Our Customers

To ensure that shipments reach the recipient in express time, our customer service is always on hand with help and advice.

Dedication that is worthwhile. Konstantinos and his team regularly receive feedback and thanks from our customers.

“A customer once said that he names his son after me because we helped him.” As an employee at LEJ Hub Customer Service, Konstantinos Kladis can tell many such stories. In this example, he once ensured that a customer received his wedding suit from Turkey on time.

He has been working in Customer Service at the LEJ Hub since 2017. Together with his colleagues, he supports our customers when they have problems with their shipment. “Sometimes it's a matter of life and death, for example when a medical shipment is urgently needed. The customer calls us and we then, of course, pull out all the stops together with our colleagues in Customs and at the hub, so that the shipment is delivered on time.”

Around 20 percent of the shipments that pass through our DHL Express network have to be processed in Customer Service. Proof of payment is often missing or the content is not clearly described. “Sometimes it is also challenging. We received up to 4,500 calls and 4,000 emails a day, especially during Brexit,” Konstantinos recalls.

“The great thing about our department is that we get in direct contact with our customers, for example on the phone. So of course you have to be communicative. We also have a broad knowledge of the processes involved in shipment processing. Our processes at the hub and in the network are sometimes very complex, for example when it comes to customs clearance for a shipment. It is often necessary for us to explain these to our customers in a very simplified manner," describes Maik Rozynek, Duty Manager Customer Service.

Our customers appreciate this commitment. And so Konstantinos and his team regularly receive letters of thanks. "It's rare for a child to be named after me because of my job," laughs Konstantinos. - Annett Berger

You can see more insights into the work of Customer Service in this Youtube video: