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Fast E-Commerce Logistics That Meet Expectations

European fulfillment network enables fast, scalable launch for B2C food and beverage business


Its mission is to curate an extensive range of high quality exotic food brands from countries around the world for customers who enjoy wholesale prices.

As a relatively new entrant to the e-commerce market, Jamoona attaches great importance to providing exceptional customer service in fulfilling online orders.

Customer Challenge

  • Lacked e-commerce experience and expertise
  • Required fast implementation
  • Needed ability to scale

DHL Supply Chain Solution

  • European Fulfillment Network – standardized B2C e-commerce service
  • Next-day deliveries in key European markets
  • Fast implementation within three months
  • Scalable

Customer Benefits

  • Leveraging DHL e-commerce expertise
  • Enables business growth
  • Speed of delivery
  • High standards of customer service

Customer Challenge

Owned by an established and successful B2B wholesaler which had grown quickly, Jamoona is its distinct B2C brand and web store.

Jamoona was created in order to directly supply its products to end customers online. It therefore needed to accelerate the e-commerce launch and quickly start selling online via its own web stores in Europe. A partner was needed that could implement its plans quickly, that had significant expertise and knowledge in e-commerce and that could help make the launch a success.

Jamoona had a clear vision of how it planned to move into e-commerce, but lacked the expertise and experience in e-fulfillment operations to execute this vision.

The company planned to launch initially in Germany, before rapidly scaling up business in other European markets.

DHL Supply Chain Solution

Jamoona’s key requirements were ideally suited to the capabilities of the DHL European Fulfillment Network (EFN) and it became one of the first customers of this new, standardized B2C e-commerce service.

The EFN enables next-day deliveries to be made in all the key European markets, via its distributed footprint of over 30 specialized e-commerce sites. These are independent of, but able to compete with, the e-commerce giants and marketplaces.

Especially relevant to Jamoona was the EFN characteristic of fast implementation. Businesses can be up and running within three months, using standardized processes and systems, and even faster node activation is possible once part of the Network.

The service is also scalable – another important requirement, given Jamoona’s fast growth plans. Market expansion, agility and growth are all supported by the EFN’s pay-per-use commercials and volume-based rate cards.

DHL was able to execute the Jamoona vision as a result of its expertise in e-commerce, logistics and transport, the last mile services it could provide for end customers and the speed of delivery that’s expected of today’s e-commerce businesses.

Customer Benefits

The EFN has enabled Jamoona to scale up its B2C business in line with its needs and strategic priorities.

Its first site in Langenfeld, Germany launched successfully, and will soon be followed in 2021 by its second site in the UK, before expanding into other European markets.

The network’s flexible scaling and transactional commercials are enabling and supporting business growth, and Jamoona is delighted with the solution and performance.

It is currently looking to further upscale both its volumes with the EFN and its relationship with DHL.