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Why The Auto Industry Needs To Change Gear

The acceleration of trends and impact of COVID-19 are shaping future OEM business models

Automotive Trends 2021 is a study of the evolving industry and market. It employs a wealth of sourced and referenced material that outlines OEMs' strategic direction in response to trends and the impact of COVID-19.

What Does This Report Focus on?

In its pages, we outline the current drivers that are shaping OEMs' supply chains, including:

  • Challenges and future opportunities as unprecedented factors begin to settle or become the norm in this time of sector turbulence
  • How OEMs can benefit from the new trends that will shape future business models
  • An assessment of market dynamics and, in turn, the implications for the Automotive sector

We conclude by looking at the customized and agile supply chain solutions necessary for this shifting landscape – and how DHL Supply Chain solutions help Automotive customers adapt their supply chains to navigate the challenges and harness future opportunities.