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... and what DHL has to do with it

The Peaceful Revolution 1989: An event that went down in history, an event that changed Germany and the life of its people. An event that has influenced many DHL Hub Leipzig employees.
We asked colleagues to remember the times in Autumn 1989 and share their memories. Many have followed this call, telling us gripping, frightening and eventful stories. 

Image: Leipziger Tourismus und Marketing GmbH/ Alexander Schmidt

Wilfried Grünert, 56 years old, works in sorting at DHL Hub Leipzig. He grew up in Leipzig and was part of the Nikolai Church Community. The Nikolai Church is the oldest and biggest cathedral in Leipzig and besides the Thomas Church the most popular cathedral of the city. He later volunteered as church council, caretaker or company craftsman.

On October 9, 1989 he continued his normal duties: setting up the candles, decorating the church with flowers and cleaning up the floor. In the afternoon he had some time to stroll around the city center and he recognized a „ghostly atmosphere“. At around 4.30 pm, the church was overcrowded. More than 3000 visitors crowded in to listen to the prayer of peace: „ Pastor Führer always found the right words on every occasion,“ Wilfried recalls. When the church doors reopened the circle around the Nikolai Church was full of thousands of people.  The entire inner city circle ring was full of people forming a human chain. „There were chants like ‚No Violence‘ and ‚We are the people‘“, Wilfried continues. In the middle of it he was pushed forward by the crowd’s right next to the ‘Gewandhaus’. He noticed armed military, riot police and brigade groups. They all let the demonstrators pass by untouched. At that moment, he realized something was about to change, because "the balance of power had turned around," he says. Today, 30 years later, he looks back and summarizes: “Astonishment and gratefulness stay with me: wonder at the fact that such an inhomogeneous community, [...] has almost always done the right thing. Gratefulness that bloodshed and civil war had been spared. Nobody had the opportunity to exercise a peaceful revolution. But the majority have done the right thing.“ — Christiane Gehb



30 Years Peaceful Revolution


Isabelle, HCC

“Coming together is a start. Solidarity is progress. Collaboration is the key to sucess.”

Kristin, Customs

“Something incomprehensible came true for us. Free at last!”

Daniel, Security

“I am grateful for the freedom and the opportunities that have emerged after the peaceful revolution.”

Frank, Ramp

“I remember exactly: in 1987, during a school excursion, I stood in the middle of a wide road in front of the wall, looking east.”

Patrick, Sort

“In autumn 1989, I was a ten-year-old boy and often joined the Monday demonstrations with my father.”

HR: Lea & Milena

“Born in peace.”

Hendrik, Process Engineering

“I was overwhelmed by the events. I still remember the day when I drove across the border with my parents for the first time in November 1989. Everything was new and suddenly possible.”

Paul Philipp, Customs

“Clairvoyants already know: the good old days will be even older and better in the future.” (Ernst Ferstl)

Anke, Sort

“As a young family with a little son, we we have secretly prepared our escape and left via Hungary. We stayed until 1996 in Baden-Wuerttemberg. Today we are happy to be back at home.”