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For the first time, the DHL hub took part in the Christopher Street Day Demonstration (CSD) in Leipzig. On July 16, a large, colorful truck and around 100 of our colleagues set a clear signal for tolerance, diversity and equality. Julia Koschulla has been working at the DHL Hub Leipzig for seven years. She was there and gives insights into an unforgettable day for her.

Julia (left) together with two colleagues in front of the DHL truck.

End of June - it was the first working day after my vacation. The first thing I saw: the DHL Hub is taking part in Christopher Street Day in Leipzig. It was immediately clear to me that I wanted to support that day – not just DHL at the demonstration, but everything that the CSD stands for. The CSD is now in a large number of German cities. Demonstrations are always aimed at stopping the exclusion and discrimination of certain groups of people.

On July 16th, the time had finally come and the CSD was also a guest in Leipzig: together with around 100 other colleagues, I met at the specially designed DHL truck to discuss how we should split up.

For a total of 2,5 hours we ran, no, we danced through downtown Leipzig. The mood was exuberant and hard to put into words. The CSD serves to draw attention to human diversity and that's how I experienced this day. It was loud and colorful and there was a place for everyone. The whole town seemed to be celebrating. From every restaurant or cafe people waved at us happily or danced along.

What still resonates with me today is the sense of community and strength. Altogether we were 20,000 people that day. 20,000 individuals who are unreservedly in agreement on one point: Everyone should be treated impartially and with respect. It shouldn't matter what gender you identify with or feel attracted to, what you look like or where you come from. Personally, I would wish that precisely these differences, which make up diversity, would simply be accepted by everyone.

In order for this wish to become reality, it also needs people who clearly commit to this attitude. I'm glad to be able to work for a company made up of just such people. - Julia Koschulla

"Together we are diverse" is written in large letters on the DHL truck. A motto that everyone supports.