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What You Didn't Know About the Airfreight Hub in Leipzig

We have airplanes, we sort shipments and we have a lot of people working here. None of this is news. This article is intended to clear up a few misconceptions. You probably didn't know the following things about the Leipzig hub.

A typical busy night at the DHL Hub Leipzig - © Felix Brodowski

The word hub in particular often causes confusion in the German language. What does "hub" mean is therefore a question that colleagues are often asked. The fact that it is originally an English term naturally also plays a role. We will therefore spare ourselves a definition at this point. Now to the question of why we call ourselves that: We don't store anything. Especially not shipments. The freight arrives, is sorted and loaded onto the next plane within a few hours. The connecting flight, to put it in passenger flight language. And at the Leipzig Hub, the freight gets on the next plane.

And all that at night. Yes, night literally turns into day here. During the day, the sorting facilities are at a standstill and the apron is virtually empty. Similar to the opening scenes of our employee film. From 9 p.m., the hub slowly starts to move, and between midnight and 1 a.m., our site resembles a busy - but well-coordinated - army anthill. But why exclusively at night? Because we are part of the DHL Express division. That means our customers can drop off their shipments in the evening and we guarantee delivery the next day. And this promise applies worldwide. Speaking of worldwide. The DHL Hub Leipzig is the largest location in the entire global DHL Express network. That's pretty impressive when you consider that we're represented in over 200 countries and territories. But back to the hub: we fly to almost 50 different destinations from Leipzig alone. In order to be able to hand over the shipment to the customer in - let's say Italy - on time the next morning, we only have the night for sorting.

Our affiliation with DHL Express is also the reason why we can't offer customer service to friends. "Cool, you work at DHL. Can you check where my shipment is?" might sound familiar to one or two colleagues. Unfortunately, we can't, because that's the job of our colleagues at “Post und Paket. “ - Julia Ende