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E-Commerce Trends to Look Out For in 2021

Business · 4 min read

E-Commerce Trends to Look Out For in 2021

2020 has seen the acceleration of technological innovations as telecommuting and working from home became the norm. Businesses and individuals were poised to adapt to new ways of living and doing business in order to adhere to safety regulations. The pandemic was a driving force that propelled our commerce scape for B2B and B2C businesses – that is apparent in today’s market.

recent study by DHL Express suggests that this peak season is forecasted to have an influx of over 40% of shipments from last year despite the effects of the pandemic. Online businesses have risen up to the challenges and paved a way to remain competitive and relevant, while also opening up opportunities that allow them to expand.

Many of the changes in buyer and seller behaviours will likely stay in the long-run. So what kind of e-commerce trends can we look forward to in 2021?

1. Customised shopping experience

With online shopping being the replacement for brick and mortar stores, it is becoming increasingly important to make the online shopping experience more personalised. Some may argue that purchasing online lacks the element of face-to-face interaction where you can see and feel the product you are about to purchase to make sure that you are comfortable with your decision.

It then becomes essential for retailers to provide a more personalised touch to give the buyer the assurance they need. For instance, videos or reviews on the product that is easily accessible; clear and descriptive captions that offer all the information a customer might find important – and more.

To take it a step further, consumers also want to feel like they are getting exclusive deals. This is where targeted promotions or loyalty rewards with promo codes may give the shopper a more personal and positive reinforcement to your brand.

2. Specialized niche online marketplaces

Not only is online shopping becoming more popular – it may very well be the future. E-commerce has not restricted itself to just retailing, but also food, groceries, essentials and household items. It has become increasingly simple to order something online – at a competitive price – and get it delivered to your doorstep.

As innovation drives businesses forward, the personal online experience then becomes a repetitive notion that leads the consumer to do repeat purchases for their everyday items.

Deals are becoming more attractive and there is wider access to a larger variety of items from multiple sellers – as if you can order anything from around the world while staying put in the comfort of your homes.

3. More competitive fulfilment and delivery commitments

Of course, fulfilment would be increasingly competitive. As a consumer, you’d want to receive your online purchases as soon as possible. As a seller, you want to make sure that your customers receive their goods, in good condition, in the shortest time possible.

A long way may tarnish your reputation and cause you to lose out to the competition. Even worse, may cause you to get a bad review that stays with you. With e-commerce and online retailers becoming more popular than ever, last-mile logistics and commitments also have to keep up with these trends.

Offering a transparent track & trace API on your site can go a long way in giving your customers the confidence and accuracy of their deliveries.

4. Digital security for payments and transactions

Cybersecurity poses a threat that compromises the safety of online shopping. The rise in online purchasing leads to more digital transactions and would require secure payment. As hacking and fraud become more apparent, customers are also increasingly cautious about how reliable the transactions online can be – more so if they are a first time user on your website or platform.

Partnering up with reputable transaction platforms gives you the credibility you need and the confidence that your users need.

The same is for personal data protection. Chances are if you are purchasing online, you will need an account or to key in some form of personal information to verify your identity. In then leads you to wonder if all your personal information is safe and not being misused.

5. Expansion of businesses locally and internationally

Competition heightens along with all these shifts in trends. This is one trend that we forecast will continue in 2021. As it becomes increasingly easier for businesses to start-up, there will constantly be new entrants, small businesses and competition amongst similar product categories.

The good news is that you are no longer restricted by a certain demographic. You also have the capabilities to expand your reach to audiences of different markets with the help of digital marketing, e-commerce and international logistics.

By engaging your customers and releasing products that cater to their demands or requests, you create brand loyalty that helps improve customer retention.

While there are more trends that are guiding the commerce scape, DHL Express has identified these few ones to offer a solution from a logistics standpoint taking on the lens of an online retailer. We want to help businesses phase into these new trends by offering digital solutions, online tools to help with their shipping capabilities and security that offers users the confidence to purchase internationally.

Our range of online commerce tools are meant to work in tandem with online portals and websites – offering integration that gives credibility and more options to your users, while seamlessly exchanging information securely with our database to reduce the processing time.

We have worked tirelessly to curate customizable shipping solution that allows you to reach global audiences in the shortest amount of time, to help your business remain competitive.

Most importantly, we want to offer a valuable partnership to help your business develop and realise international opportunities with the changes in trends.

Find out more about how DHL Express can help your business today!

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