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With all industries facing increasing pressure to significantly reduce carbon emissions and waste amid a global climate crisis, we’re here to help. Our experts work with organizations from all sectors to shape more sustainable supply chains. 

As global leaders in logistics, we're committed to investing in green technologies that reduce the impact of our own supply chain networks and meet our goal of achieving net zero emissions by 2050. We offer an industry-leading portfolio of green logistics solutions to help you put sustainability at the heart of your business and make sure your supply chain is green and accountable.

Sustainable Supply Chain Capabilities

Our scale and global presence enable us to effect positive change and drive new standards in sustainability. Since the introduction of our GoGreen initiative in 2008, DHL Group has led the way in developing sustainable supply chain solutions; from carbon reporting tools to our investment in biofuels, sustainable buildings and electric and hydrogen vehicles.

Sustainable Air & Ocean Freight Fuels

Getting medical shipments where they need to be, when they need to be there requires efficient air and ocean freight shipments. We’ve invested heavily to support your use of biofuels, so we can reduce carbon emissions and accelerate the transition to net zero together.


Carbon Neutral Warehousing

With operations in over 220 countries and territories we’re able to leverage the latest technologies to ensure all our new buildings are carbon neutral. We use intelligent building management systems to further reduce energy consumption and procure energy from renewable sources.

Carbon Reporting

Our carbon transparency and reporting tools coupled with GoGreen experts provide insights into green optimization and deliver tailored solutions across the end-to-end supply chain. You can examine your carbon footprint and identify clear opportunities to improve environmental performance

Circular Packaging

The global healthcare sector generates significant amounts of plastic waste every year. At DHL, we have designed and implemented commercialized solutions for circular packaging operations using a pooled asset setup for reuse, repositioning, repair, and end of life recycling, contributing to a circular and sustainable economy.

Efficient Transportation Networks

By leveraging our scale and opportunities for holistic optimization, our transport networks are now greener than ever. Through strategic network planning, optimizing routes and sharing supply chain infrastructure, we’re able to drive down emissions and speed up the delivery of healthcare goods and services to market.


Green Final Mile Delivery

We’re making our final mile delivery operations greener with the aim to electrify 60% of our last mile fleet by 2030. By continuing to use sustainable fuel from renewable sources on optimized networks, we’re helping to support both the development and market availability of hydrogen and electric vehicles for a cleaner, brighter future in healthcare logistics.


DHL’s mission is to acheive net zero emissions by 2050. We’re fully committing to this with an extensive portfolio of green products and services. Our GoGreen solutions support the decarbonization of the supply chain and logistics sector with significant investment in emission reduction, sustainable packaging solutions, and comprehensive network optimization. See how we’re helping healthcare supply chains GoGreen.  


Net zero emissions by 2050

DHL aim to reduce all logistics-related greenhouse gas emissions to net zero, including those of our suppliers and subcontractors.


of all last mile delivery vehicles to electric by 2030

450,000+ FLIGHTS

have used Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) since 2016

Taking Sustainable Logistics To The Next Level

Our latest report, ‘Delivering Next-Level Healthcare’ provides expert analysis on the technological, social, and economic trends fueling the current healthcare revolution. 

Learn all about the logistics and supply chain innovations that are now crucial to the future of healthcare.