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Life Sciences and Healthcare Expertise

The scale and experience to implement healthcare logistics solutions across the world

With over 120 sites in more than 40 countries, 8,000 dedicated healthcare staff including 150 full time pharmacists, serving the leading life sciences and healthcare companies worldwide, our unrivalled global capability and healthcare and life sciences expertise will help you embrace new growth opportunities.

Market Trends
  • Cold-chain networks are penetrating more markets, allowing temperature-sensitive shipments to travel further
  • Personalized medicine and remote monitoring have enabled community or even in-home care delivery
  • Increased collaboration with regulators is improving flexibility and speed of clinical trials
Life Sciences and Healthcare Supply Chain Impact
  • End-to-end Supply Chain management and visibility is essential – all the way from ingredients to patient consumption.
  • Life sciences supply chains need to become more agile, flexible, resilient and collaborative to respond to faster product deployment
  • Increased need for reshoring and enhanced operations like tracking technologies that log temperature
We offer visibility and supply chain standardization to face these challenges with the right level of agility
  • Modular solutions are localized to suit your specific market requirement
  • Deep expertise in storing and transporting at deep frozen, chilled and controlled ambient
  • Exceptional operational service and innovative solutions across the entire supply chain

Deep Life Sciences and Healthcare Expertise


We have deep experience in products that are challenging to distribute and need to be managed in a strict regulatory environment. We are able to meet the challenges of seasonal supply, pandemic planning and temperature monitoring across the globe.

Expertise Includes:
  • Biotechnology products and vaccines
  • Patented pharmaceuticals
  • Generic pharmaceuticals
  • Animal health
  • Consumer health

Medical Devices

Medical devices cover an extensive range of products and each have specific requirements. Our approach to these differing supply chain requirements is to ensure every factor is considered.

Expertise Includes:
  • Implantable devices and surgical equipment
  • Diagnostic agents and combination products
  • Capital equipment
  • Long term care/durable equipment
  • Consumables

Clinical Trials

Our logistics for Clinical Trials is focused on study medication and ancillary distribution to and from investigator sites, utilizing our world class clinical trials depot network. With exacting requirements in each stage of a clinical trial, the environment requires strict regulatory compliance, precise temperature control and reliable, fast delivery, adding tremendous complexity to the supply chain.

Expertise Includes:
  • Product efficacy and traceability
  • Visibility of inventory and activities
  • Network design, study management and managed transport.

Hospital and Health Services

We can help improve efficiencies and significantly impact the overall performance of a hospital or group, reducing hospital congestion, maximizing space and maintaining inventory levels.

Services include:
  • Supply chain consultancy
  • Storage area design to improve material flows
  • In-hospital inventory storage
  • Direct to ward and theater deliveries
  • Inventory management

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Our Capabilities and Operating Standards


Deep sector expertise is vital to track, understand and comply with essential rules and regulations for the storage, transportation and delivery of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, biological products and patient-specific treatments. We invest in sector-specific expertise, processes, and GDP– and GMP– compliant infrastructure, holding rigorous levels of quality and expanding our strategic global network of certified facilities.


Our holistic approach to the life sciences and healthcare sector ensures customers are truly connected across the value chain through digitalization. We connect customers to greater efficiency, new geographies and differentiated routes to market.


Every specialist in our global network knows that lives and families are at stake when a shipment contains life- saving or life-improving medication or equipment. As a trusted global partner, we create agile, highly responsive supply chains capable of transporting critical, sensitive and valuable products, even to the world’s most rugged and remote locations. 


Driving digitalization and supply chain transformation, we help customers harness the right solutions in support of their markets to deliver better care for patients. We identify, track and pilot the latest and most relevant trends and technologies and we empower customers to explore new business models to supply growing and volatile demand with lean, cost-efficient life sciences and healthcare operations.

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