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WooCommerce Integration for E-Commerce With DHL. Sales on Wordpress Made Simple.

Your Wordpress store getting the best fulfillment treatment.

Are you interested in scalable fulfillment? Then let’s get to business.

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WooCommerce is a free WordPress-based content platform for creating and maintaining e-commerce sites. It isn’t a standalone e-commerce platform, but a plugin to WordPress.

It is a platform for e-commerce businesses that want to make use of the WordPress content management system. With our official plugin, you’ll benefit from a quick and easy order fulfillment process.

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Happier customers are at the heart of our DHL Fulfillment Network. We make it a priority to integrate our logistics services in your favorite e-commerce channels – so we can jointly scale your online business.

As your partner of choice, you can trust us to simplify your order fulfillment processes.

DHL Fulfillment Network makes e-commerce simple

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We offer fast, easy and free on-boarding with full technical support. You can start within days…

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Easy to integrate

Our world-class IT means easy integration with all major web shops, ERPs, carriers ….and of course your own systems.

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We give you in-depth data to drive your decisions, with full track and trace to strengthen your consumer experience.

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Are you interested in scalable fulfillment?

Then let’s get to business.

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