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Use Our Digital Tools and Data Pool to Control Your Business and Delight Your Customers

We give you access to warehouse and fulfillment software that enables you to manage your inventory, monitor every order and understand sales trends. It could make all the difference...

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Use your data suite to make smart decisions. You can only control your business when you know how every component is performing.

That’s why we give you complete visibility of all your inventory and orders, along with performance data that shows how we’re meeting your KPIs. The dashboards are simple and intuitive, so you don’t need to be a logistics or IT expert to master your data.

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Use analytics to act fast. Our DHL Fulfillment Network dashboard shows advanced inventory analytics to help you manage your stock levels.

For example, which products are running out? Which stock simply isn’t moving? The sort of information that puts you firmly in control. Now you can act fast to mitigate supply issues and respond quickly and accurately to customer demand.

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Track and trace in just one place

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With, you’ll have access to our super-comprehensive track-and-trace module, where you'll have end-to-end visibility of all your orders. That means you can track progress and resolve issues early. What's more, the portal shows the status of every parcel, regardless of carrier, so there's no more rushing between portals to get the full picture.

You can share your track-and-trace data with your customers too. We can provide a URL, or you can integrate our API and display the data on your own website. You can also co-brand the experience to show your customers you’re committed to great customer service.


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Reduce your WISMOs. 

We know that every WISMO (where is my order?) call drives up your cost to serve. That's why we give you the right tools and insights to keep your customers updated pro-actively.

Customer service you can rely on

Chat screen in the software for questions and answers.

It’s not just customers who need support: you might need it too. When that happens, you can easily get in touch with us and get help from our amazing support team.

Our state-of-the art system gives you the quickest response, eliminates tedious email chains and gives you full visibility of all your requests. Job done!

IT and data security

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At DHL, all our IT systems are designed for extreme resilience and security. When it comes to IT security we simply make no compromises. We invest continuously in our best-in-class IT infrastructure.

Continuous upgrades

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We simply never stop. We’re constantly improving the usability and functions of all our modules. New releases will always be available to all customers in the DHL Fulfillment Network.

We believe in fair pricing for everyone

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