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Welkom (Welcome) to our DHL Fulfillment Network in the Netherlands

We are part of the DHL Supply Chain family. This gives as access to a fantastic portfolio of people, sites and technologies.

Are you interested in scalable fulfillment? Then let’s get to business.

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DHL Supply Chain in the Netherlands at a glance

Map of the country, showing awards received and DHL employees from different units with a highlight of four technologies of wearable devices, smartops, intelligent process automation and algorithmic optimization.

As in all the countries where we operate, our e-commerce services in the Netherlands are based around a single point of contact who is responsible for your business.




warehouses and offices


square meters of space


digital deployments in our warehouses

We make it simple

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Easy to start

We offer fast, easy and free on-boarding with full technical support. You can start within days…

How to get started

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Easy to integrate

Our world-class IT means easy integration with all major web shops, ERPs, carriers ….and of course your own systems.

Smart fulfillment

Flipchart with data.

Easy to operate

We give you in-depth data to drive your decisions, with full track and trace to strengthen your consumer experience.

Your data suite

Global network meets local needs

The highlight DHL employee responsible for the country.
Our in-country expert in the Netherlands

We have sales managers in every country... because nothing beats local know-how when designing the best supply-chain set-up for your business.

We work with companies from every conceivable sector, so we’ve amassed a huge amount of specialist knowledge. If your orders require special storage, handling, scanning or tracking, our experts around the network are here to help.

Our sustainability credentials in the Netherlands

Renewable electricity 100%

Efficient lighting 92%

Zero waste to landfill 92%

How will your company benefit?

DHL employee handing a package to a customer.

We keep our prices down and our standards high by managing all the fulfillment centers we use.

This approach extends throughout our services and allows us to deliver a consistently great consumer experience at every location.

But we don’t just care about your business. We care about the planet too. Our long-running ESG programs prioritize reducing our carbon footprint and fostering sustainable practices wherever we operate.

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Are you interested in scalable fulfillment?

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