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Parcel Connect

European e-commerce made easy

Use One Simple Shipping Solution

Cut out the complexity of shipping across Europe. With one simple solution, Parcel Connect makes international e-commerce a lot easier…

You Only Need One Label

If you currently ship to different countries, you probably deal with multiple carriers, who all need separate labels and paperwork. With Parcel Connect, you only need one label for any of 28 European markets. 

You’ll Have One Point of Contact

With a single, local account manager for both your origin and destination country, and DHL overseeing the whole transit, you and your customers get expert support in your own language. And our easy six-step set-up plan will get you shipping in no time. 

Use One IT Integration Solution

DHL’s eConnect software means you don’t need multiple software integrations. You can make bookings, print delivery and return labels, and track shipments, from anywhere in your organization, effortlessly. You can use it via our portal, have it integrated into your existing systems (we’ll guide you through the set-up), or add it to your third-party shipping platform. One easy answer for your e-commerce IT!

One Standard Price

E-commerce costs don’t need to be complicated. DHL Parcel Connect ships and returns packages up to 31.5 kg and 120cm in length to every European address. All with industry-leading 95% reliability. That’s unmatched service for a simple, standard price. 


To learn how Parcel Connect could be the perfect fit for your particular business, talk to one of our dedicated e-commerce advisors.

If you like what you hear, they can get you set up quickly and easily.

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