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Freight Forwarding Education Center

No matter your size or experience level, we’re here to help with all of our freight forwarding needs. If you’re new to shipping cargo domestically or internationally check out our primers and glossary to help break down some of the key freight forwarding terminology, freight forwarding definitions, terms and concepts.

Shipping Basics – Freight Forwarding Definitions

Ocean Freight Forwarding Glossary

Focus on Less Than Container Load Ocean Shipping

Prepare for your Less than Container Load (LCL) shipment, understand its transit times and specific pricing, and learn when it is best to use it over Air or Ocean Freight Full Container Load (FCL).

Your Definitive Guide to Efficient and Reliable Bulk Shipping

From understanding different shipping options and selecting the right method for your cargo to ensuring compliance and safety, these articles provide valuable insights for navigating the intricate world of bulk shipping.

Understand the Essentials of Packaging and Stackability

Everything You Need to Know to Ship Cargo by Air Freight

Prepare yourself to successfully manage your next air freight shipment: from various types of air cargo and aircraft types to air shipping process as well as necessary documentation necessary to ensure fast and compliant process.  This article series also provides tips on saving costs and finding the right air cargo partner.

Explore our Shipper’s Guide to Using Air Freight Indexes and learn what to consider when selecting an air freight index. 

Focus on Sustainability

Learn about the impact of a modal shift on shipping costs and emissions. We’ll help you understand the regulatory, financial and reputational benefits of going green now.

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