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Throughout this Policy, the following capitalized terms have the following meaning:

Accredited Registrar
Means an entity, accredited by ICANN for rendering domain name registration services, that has entered into an agreement with the Registry for registering Domain Names;

Means a person or entity that, directly or indirectly, through one or more intermediaries, or in combination with one or more other persons or entities, controls, is controlled by, or is under common control with, the person or entity specified, and (ii) “control” (including the terms “controlled by” and “under common control with”) means the possession, directly or indirectly, of the power to direct or cause the direction of the management or policies of a person or entity, whether through the ownership of securities, as trustee or executor, by serving as an employee or a member of a board of directors or equivalent governing body, by contract, by credit arrangement or otherwise;

Applicant Guidebook
Means the rules and requirements established by ICANN for applying for a new gTLD, as made available by ICANN under, and in force at the time of execution of the Registry Agreement;

Complaints Point of Contact
Means a specific contact person/entity determined by the Registry to act as described in these Policies  

Means the administrative, technical and billing contacts associated to a Domain Name Registration;

Documentary Evidence
Means the documentation to be provided by (or on behalf of) a (candidate) Registrant to the Registry in accordance with these Policies;

Domain Name
Means a name at the second level within the .DHL TLD;

Domain Name Registration
Means a Domain Name on which the Registry has stored and maintains data in the Shared Registry System for the .DHL TLD;

Eligibility Requirements
Means the requirements set out in Attachment 3 below;

Geographic Domain Names
Means Domain Names that are identical to country and territory names as defined in Specification 5 to the Registry Agreement;

Means the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (;

Means these .DHL Domain Name Registration Policies, including the Attachments and any and all interpretative guidelines published by the Registry in relation hereto, as may be amended from time to time by the Registry;

Means the person or entity in whose name a Domain Name is registered;
Registry    means Deutsche Post AG;

Registry Agreement
Means the agreement between the Registry and ICANN following execution by and between these parties;

Registry Reserved Name
Means a Domain Name mentioned on the list contained in Attachment 1 hereto, to be registered in the name of the Registry, or any specific entity referred to in this list, as may be amended from time to time at the Registry’s discretion;

Registry Web Site
Means the various pages and websites available under;

Reserved Name
Means a Domain Name mentioned on the list contained in Attachment 2 hereto, which will not be available for registration;

Shared Registry System
Means the system operated on behalf of the Registry that allows Accredited Registrars to apply for, register, renew and maintain Domain Names in the name and on behalf of Registrants who meet the Eligibility Requirements;

Means the number of years for which a Domain Name is registered, as indicated by the Registrant in accordance with Article 15.1;

Means Top Level Domain;

Trademark Claims Period
Means the timeframe during which Trademark Claims Services for .DHL are provided;

Trademark Claims Services
Means the service operated by the Trademark Clearinghouse described in the Applicant Guidebook on pages 290 and following relating to the Trademark Clearinghouse, according to which, i) notice is given to an candidate Registrant of the scope of the rights of one or more trademark holders who have registered their rights with the Trademark Clearinghouse as provided in the Applicant Guidebook, and ii) the registrar is given the possibility to promptly notify the trademark holders(s) of the Domain Name registration corresponding to the rights of the one or more mark holders;

Trademark Clearinghouse
Means the system made available by the Trademark Clearinghouse Operator for implementing the rights protection mechanisms referred to in the Applicant Guidebook;

Trademark Clearinghouse Operator
Means the entity responsible for managing the Trademark Clearinghouse, as appointed by ICANN;

Means the Uniform Dispute Resolution policy, as adopted by ICANN and as described in

Means the Uniform Rapid Suspension policy, as adopted by ICANN and as described in the Applicant Guidebook.