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Easy as 1,2, 3. With the DHL Fulfillment Network, it’s as Simple as That

First, let’s create an offer built on your needs...

Are you interested in scalable fulfillment? Then let’s get to business.

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1. Our local experts will answer all your questions and will collect your data and requirements.

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2. Next, we’ll identify your optimum warehouse locations, and we’ll formulate an offer based on your business needs.

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3. Integration is easy, and our experts will identify the best model together with you.

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4. When it comes to contracts, ours are standardized, easy to read and fully transparent. Most importantly, they come with no hidden fees. We promise!

...Then we’ll get you started in no time

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We’ll get your business live in the DHL Fulfillment Network quickly and fuss-free.

To do that, our experts will guide you through the on-boarding process – starting by collecting the detailed data about your business that will shape the services we offer.

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Planning is vital. Your personal project delivery manager will schedule a kick-off and planning session. 

This will help ensure our system connects optimally with yours. It also brings alignment so that everyone involved feels part of one well-coordinated team and knows what to do.

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Free and easy integration. Integration is free, and your DHL IT manager will guide your tech team as we connect with your chosen web shop and/or marketplaces.

You can read more about integration here – and don’t worry if the web shop you use isn’t listed, we’ve got it covered with our own API and EDI solutions.

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Testing and stock ramp-up. “Getting it right first time” is one of our core values at DHL. That’s why we thoroughly test our joined set-up.

While we’re getting you connected to our systems, our warehouse staff will receive and carefully check your stock.

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Ready for take-off. We’ll monitor your first orders closely to ensure the best possible experience for you and your customers. You’re ready to go – and grow!

Now that you’re part of the DHL Fulfillment Network, we can open new locations for you in no time.

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Your implementation includes…

  • Your own project delivery manager, who will guide you through the on-boarding process, and deliver hypercare.
  • A dedicated IT expert who will select and test the right integration paths for you.
  • Complete access to MySupplyChain – our state-of-the-art business portal.
  • An introduction to our friendly and efficient customer service team, who are always there to help.

We can connect with all the major web shops and marketplaces

We believe in fair pricing for everyone

Try our pricing calculator to find out more.

Let’s cut your delivery times

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Get a quote

Are you interested in scalable fulfillment?

Then let’s get to business.

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