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Partner With the DHL Fulfillment Network for Game-Changing Results

We’ve already helped many businesses to grow, scale and thrive. And we can do the same for you...

Are you interested in scalable fulfillment? Then let’s get to business.

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Start local, go global

Whenever you’re ready, we can help you expand into new territories and markets.

Our own network of warehouses and delivery partners enables you to reach every part of the globe.

Grow at your own pace

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There’s no limit to building your business with us because all our services can scale to support you.

We have a highly flexible global infrastructure, and it’s at your disposal as your needs grow over time.

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We’re here to innovate. Nobody wins by standing still. That’s why we’re always adding to our services and building our network.

We’re always finding new ways to support our customers –whether that’s with greener packaging and transport, smarter warehouse technology or launching new services. Your business will always benefit from the huge investments we make to strengthen our capabilities.

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The DHL Fulfillment Network is built on trust

Why has DHL been a leading logistics company for so long? It’s simple: we build trust.

Our customers trust us with their e-commerce orders. They trust the scale of our global network of fulfillment centers. Most of all, they trust our people working in our warehouses to our own high standards.

Our experience is on your side

DHL warehouses, trucks and machines used inside the warehouse.

We’ve spent decades mastering logistics. We have the scale and knowledge to fully support your business and deliver a great customer experience.

You’ll see professionalism in everything we do – from safety to cleaning to quality control. And you’ll benefit from our experience and initiative in solving problems fast.

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The right culture really counts: DHL is a company with a distinct purpose: “connecting people and improving lives”. And we bring this purpose to life through our four core values:

- Simplifying. We help you navigate the complexities of e-commerce by providing all the services you need to store and deliver your products, through one point of contact, leaving you free to focus on delivering great customer experiences.

- Sustainability. We are committed to green logistics, and to sustainable business through our strengths in supply-chain resilienceand by addressing future trends and innovation.

- Globally local. We’re by your side wherever you need us, with a global presence that’s backed by local expertise.

- Committed to you. We take care of your goods as if they were our own, and we take every possible step to ensure we deliver on timeevery time.

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Your success is our success. We built our business by helping our customers to thrive. Many of our customers started small and are now huge, and our goal is to always build for mutual success.

One promise is certain: we’ll never be your competitor!

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Choose a strong and stable partner

We’ve been in business for more than 500 years (fact!) and we’re part of DHL, a truly healthy company. You can be sure we’ll still be on your side next year, next decade and long into the future.

This is an important consideration when you’re looking for a fulfillment partner. The DHL name is trusted by investors, so you know we’re here for you in the long run.

We keep data secure

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At DHL, all our IT systems are designed for extreme resilience and security. When it comes to IT security we simply make no compromises. We invest continuously in our best-in-class IT infrastructure.

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We’re built for resilience. We’ve all seen how a pandemic can change business circumstances dramatically.

So, it’s reassuring to know that all our warehouses have detailed business continuity plans that can allow for any kind of emergency.

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Let’s work together for a green future

We’re working extra-hard to reduce the carbon footprint of our industry. How? By investing in our own infrastructure.

In Europe, 94% of the electricity we use comes from renewable sources, and by 2025 we aim to make 60% of pick-ups and deliveries in e-vehicles. These measures, along with carbon-neutral design for all our new warehouses, show you our determination to look after the planet as carefully as we look after your business.

It’s great to be recognized

Team of the Year Customer Service 2022

Stevie Choice Awards Germany

Outstanding Employee Network 2021

European Diversity Award

Inclusion Award for Business 2021

InklusionsPreis Germany

Prime Rating

ISS ESG 2021

How we deal with the unexpected...

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Solving supplier challenges

Alexandra, Client Success Manager

During one of the first inbounds from a new customer, our warehouse team noticed that a lot of the items had barcodes missing. This was a glitch on the supplier side.

After a quick talk with the customer, the warehouse team re-labelled thousands of items in a matter of days so the go-live could start as planned.

A DHL employee on his way to pick a package inside a warehouse.

Accelerating inbounds to meet campaign deadlines

Stephen, Supervisor

One of our technology customers had planned a marketing campaign but was facing a supply chain issue with a delayed inbound shipment from their manufacturer.

With minimal notice, our on-site team accelerated the inbound process and booked the goods in within an hour of arrival, ensuring that the customer didn’t lose any sales.

A marketeer talking to a DHL employee handing over a box.

Supporting a social media campaign

Marius, Operations Manager

Social media is an important sales platform and was central to the plans of one our cosmetics customers. They had advertised their goods on Instagram, and we repackaged some of their products into “social media influencer bundles” before shipping them out.

This isn’t a regular service, but it shows the extra attention we give on special occasions for important shipments.

We believe in fair pricing for everyone

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Let’s cut your delivery times

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