The Era of Sustainable Logistics Zone Experience

This area provides you with an overall view of the zone experience, including intro videos and key takeaways that you can download for each of the eight zones

Zone 1 - Strategy

What does it take to turn your sustainability strategy into an integral value driver for your business?

Zone 2 - Governance

At its core, Governance is about public trust and confidence in an organization's ability to operate sustainably.

Zone 3 - Decarbonization

Targeting the massive opportunity in reducing emissions to mitigate climate change.

Zone 4 - Digitalization

Better data, better decision making. Bridging the divide between digital data and the reduction of emissions in the real world.

Zone 5 - Circularity

How can manufacturers produce more for less, and unlock new business models and innovation opportunities?

Zone 6 - People

Training your people will support the successful execution of your sustainability targets and keep you consistently on track.

Zone 7 - Clean Energy & Mobility

The shift from fossil fuels to renewables is a key enabler for a more sustainable world, with massive implications for energy and mobility.

Zone 8 - Vision 2050

New challenges mean new solutions for resilient and sustainable supply chains. As the world changes, logistics must change with it, developing forward-thinking solutions that will better connect people and improve lives.