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A fuel surcharge will be added to the base shipment transportation cost (before value-added services costs). It's applicable for all road freight services. Based on the fluctuation of fuel costs, the fuel surcharge will be regulated accordingly each month, with the surcharge index published in advance.

Actual applicable cost of fuel surcharge for international road freight services:

  • September 2020 - 12,0%
  • October 2020 -12,0%

Additional Surcharges

Please see new additional services valid from 1.03.2020.
In case of any further questions please contact your local sales representative.

Hard copy CMR 10 EUR / CMR
Change order details or complete missing data 5 EUR
Administration fee regarding missing offer number (SQN) Price without discount
Manual invoice details correction 10 EUR
Home Delivery B2C Individual DHL calculation
2nd attempt delivery / Pick up Individual DHL calculation
Hard copy of UE delivery confirmation 3 EUR (incoterms DAP)
4 EUR (incoterms EXW)
Report on request 25 EUR

DHL Parcel Polska Sp. z o.o. reserves the right to change the fuel surcharge index and table without notice.
Both amount and duration of the fuel surcharge will be determined at DHL's sole discretion.

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