Our Solution to your Business – Managing your Capital Equipment and Spare Parts Delivery

At the heart of every semiconductor fab you'll find the critical machines responsible for creating cutting-edge technology. Ensuring the safe and timely delivery of capital equipment and spare parts is our expertise. With a global reach and 24/7 monitoring, we provide unmatched shipment visibility and a single point of contact, making your logistics journey smooth and hassle-free. With an unparalleled Service Logistics network which spans 140 countries and territories, a fully integrated, powerful combination of people and infrastructure we deliver a comprehensive service and seamless experience. 

We Understand Your Business Needs

Customized end-to-end solutions from construction logistics to final mile delivery tailored to your needs providing on-time visibility and a global network.

Our inhouse certified Capital Equipment training ensures a deep understanding of the Semiconductor world and it´s specific supply chain requirements.

With our Zero-Defects mindset, we place your security, sustainability, and safety standards first.

State of the art visibility tools to control materials flow, transport visibility, and warehouse management systems.

Global transportation network, warehousing, and service logistics expertise to ensure the safe delivery and timely availability of your sensitive, high-value cargo.

Accessing a global network coverall multimodal transport, specialized equipment and warehousing modes.

Managing Your High-Value Capital Equipment Moves


The Resilience of the Semiconductor Supply Chain

This thought leadership publication examines the logistics implications of a dynamic and challenging landscape of the Semiconductor industry and the need for smarter, more flexible supply chains for semiconductor components.

DHL Semiconductor Logistics

End-to-end suite of solutions for the Semiconductor supply chain.