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E-commerce Data Integrations

Explore our wide range of integration options and partner providers

DHL’s services are supported in most eCommerce and logistics platforms on the market. Whether you wish to add us to your TA-system, eCommerce platform, checkout or tailor your solution with APIs – we will guide you.

Types of Data Integrations

Software mentioned on this page fully supports DHL’s services but is not developed by or affiliated to DHL (unless noted). Hence, it is not possible for us to supply support directly. That said, you are always welcome to reach out to us and we’ll try our best to help you.

E-commerce Platforms

Modern platforms offer plugins that enhance both your and your customers' experience. They offer a great amount of customization both natively and by plugins. Shipping plugins can work standalone, integrate with your existing TA-system and/or checkouts.

Plugin Providers for Platforms Include:

  • Woo Commerce: Krokedil, Redlight Media, Shipmondo, nShift, Ingrid

  • Shopify: Shipmondo, QTE/DHL, nShift, Ingrid

  • Magento/Adobe Commerce: Shipmondo, nShift, Ingrid

TA (Transport Administration) Systems

TA (Transport Administration) systems are comprehensive software that integrates with other systems like finance, warehouse, and ERP. TA systems are typically deployed when your business has reached a crucial mass and the need for further automation arises. DHL is supported by most suppliers. Even if you do not have your system listed below, you can probably already use our services today.

Partner TA Systems Include:

  • nShift

  • Ingrid

  • Shipmondo

  • And more 


The payment and delivery checkout is arguably the most important feature of your eCommerce solution. Ecommerce platforms offer this natively but you can also integrate a dedicated provider. The delivery part of the checkout lets the customer choose both service and vendor. The technical solution to this is usually a combination of eCommerce plugins and TA systems. 

We’ve listed a few of the most common checkouts that support DHL. If you can’t find your provider, please email and we’ll get you sorted!

Common Checkout Partners:

  • Walley

  • Klarna

  • Qliro


We employ REST APIs for all our services and also for auxiliary functions that help you automate your shipments. We offer full developer documentation for your technology team. You'll find more details in our Help Center.

Explore APIs details in our Shipper Help Center

Available APIs:

  • Postalcode - verifies postal code and city

  • Price Quote - receive an estimated price for shipping

  • ServicePoint Locator – retrieve a list of service points (parcel stores and parcel lockers)

  • Transport Instructions - will book your shipment and return IDs 

  • PickupRequest - book the pickup of your parcel

  • Print - retrieve documents for printing of labels, shipment lists and more


For fast deployment and simplified integration, we offer EDI capabilities to medium and large sized organizations with high shipment volumes.

Features include:

  • Efficient shipment booking

  • Full shipment visibility (Track & Trace)

  • Fast and reliable e-invoice information

  • Technical support 

  • EDI status report message sent to a customer (or any other third party) transport status

Systems Overview

It can be really hard to grasp how all tech integrates and interacts with each other. Hence, we have made illustrations that, in a simplified manner, describe the three most common scenarios. We hope this will help you on your way towards automation.

 Online Shipping Tools and Data Integrations

If you're looking for more information about our APIs, or other details on data integrations, please visit our Shipper Help Center. There you will find details on the specific products supported by the various integrations as well as links to the developer portal your tech team may need, and details about our other customer tools.

Partner and Solution Quick Links

Founded in 2017 and with offices in both Sweden and Poland, Ingrid offers a TA system supported by plugins for most eCommerce platforms.

As one of Sweden's largest payment solution providers Klarna offers the “Klarna Shipping Assistant” that integrates with, among others, nShift and Ingrid.

A Swedish company founded in 2010 with its headquarters in Arvika. Krokedil has plugins for both TA systems, eCommerce platforms and checkouts.

Formerly known as Unifaun. Their TA works with most eCommerce platforms via plugins offered natively or by 3rd party.

The company offers integration of shipping options via their API. You can find more information about this and their tech stack below

Based in Stockholm, QTE was founded in 2018. QTE was commissioned by DHL Freight in Sweden to build a plugin for our services. We offer this free of charge to all our clients.

Based in Sandviken Redlight Media has plugins for DHL, nShift, Klarna and more. Their DHL plugin is standalone and eliminates the need for a TA system.

Founded in 2014, Shipmondo is a Danish company that provides a TA system with plugins fitting for most platforms.

A popular option with both easy and effective solution for shipping options.

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