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Learn how to calculate the price for a shipment you would like to send using DHL Freight in Sweden

There are four factors affecting the total price of our deliveries that might be good to know. Understanding these factors, we have three ways to help you calculate the cost of your shipment.

Four Factors of Your Shipping Price

  1.  Base Price - This is based on your shipment size/weight and the destination 
  2. Surcharge - The base freight prices do not include fuel surcharges (DMT). Additional surcharges may also be added based on certain delivery locations, or for dangerous goods. 
  3. Value Added Services - The price will also be affected if you choose to add any of our value added services. For e.g. a priority service (SKICKA GRÖNT), indoor delivery or additional crew
  4. Fees - Finally, charges may apply for any incorrect or missing information that you fail to provide at the time of your booking.

Shipper Help Center

Our Shipper Help Center contains a lot of valuable information that will help you understand the cost of your shipment, including:

  • Detailed surcharge information
  • List of all the value added services
  • Base price list