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We employ REST APIs for all our services and also for auxiliary functions that help you automate your shipments. This page covers the basics and hopes to provide a starting point. Before exploring the APIs it is a good idea to get to know our services.

The methods described on this page are a selection and have been chosen because of their relevance to eCommerce. For full documentation of our APIs please see the links below:

DHL Dashboard - documentation and examples for all of DHL Freight Sweden’s APIs. - Swagger for all of DHL Freight Sweden’s APIs. Please note that you need a DHL developer account to access this. Accounts are created easily online.


An auxiliary method that verifies any postal code and city. It is best practice to use this before quoting or sending transport instructions to us. 


Price Quote

Call on this method to receive an estimated price for shipping. You will need to state service (see more about services here), origin, receiver and properties of the parcel being sent.  


Servicepoint Locator

Used to retrieve a list of available service points (aka “parcel shops”) in the vicinity of your customer. If your customer wants to have his/her parcel sent to a service point you will take note of which one was chosen and supply this with your Transport Instruction.


Transport Instruction

Posting to this will book your shipment and return IDs that identify your order. You will need these IDs to book pickup (of your shipment) and print labels for your parcel. 



Will book a pickup of your parcel. Depending on your setup with DHL this step may be optional. Talk with your DHL representative about the alternatives available to you.



Used to retrieve documents for printing of labels, shipment lists and more. Has support for both regular printers and label printers from, among others, Zebra.


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