Domestic Road Freight

You need a customer number to use our web booking tool for domestic road freight. You have 2 options:

  • you can book a pick up
  •  book a pick up and create shipping documents.

Please note that booking form is available only in Swedish.

International Road Freight

If you are an existing customer you can book export shipment for international shipments by using online booking form.

Please note that booking form is available only in Swedish.

DHL Multishipping

Used in Scandinavian and Baltic Countries.

New Customer

DHL Multishipping uses the internet technology at your advantage. Without any installation of software, DHL Multishipping simplifies freight management as you can handle the entire freight process from your own PC 

Existing Customer

DHL Multishipping automates your booking of a pick-up, helps you search for delivery details, produces the necessary documents and you can print it all on your own laser or label printer.

Introducing DHL Multishipping

  • DHL Multishipping has been developed for companies who need to streamline processes and improve control before, during and after transportation. It can be readily integrated within existing ERP or WMS systems, enabling direct communication with DHL Freight and minimizing manual shipment processing.

    Requires user ID and registration.

    Register today!

    • Rapid and efficient communication - enter your shipment details directly into the DHL Freight system
    • Printable shipment documentation
    • Estimated shipping charges prior to booking
    • Track & Trace - view the status of all your shipments in one easily accessible location. You can also allow your customers to check their deliveries
    • Usage of self-defined templates for regular transport
    • Instant savings potential - save time, cut costs and
  • Despite its simplicity, the standard DHL Multishipping provides extensive functionality, allowing you to:

    • Book your shipments online
    • Print out shipment documentation
    • Quickly and accurately enter your shipment data and transportation instructions directly into the DHL Freight system
    • View the status of your shipments in one system from any location
    • Receive instant booking confirmations

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