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DHL Freight (Sweden) can send EDI invoices in three different formats:

  • CSV - semicolon separated format which can be read in Excel. Available with both Swedish and English headers.
  • INVOIC (D.93A) - Edifact format (requires EDI converter).
  • SFTI SVEFAKTURA (DHL Freight subset) - xml based format (can only be handled as single invoice, i.e. one invoice per shipment).

For the communication we prefer FTP, sFTP or SMTP (e-mail).

We also have co-operation with a number of invoice portal suppliers. The list below contains the most common ones. Please notice that some of them only can handle single invoices, i.e. one invoice per shipment.

When ordering is made via invoice portal it is important that you activate the setup in their system, so they are prepared to receive invoice files from DHL Freight.

If invoicing is made via EDI you can also choose a complementary pdf invoice (sent via e-mail). It is then possible to select if you only want the invoice total or if you want the complete invoice in pdf format.

Normally it takes about one week for the setup to be executed. After that the invoices will be sent according to your requests. Please notice that no beforehand confirmation will be sent.

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