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The Era of Logistics

In this part of the products & solutions channel, we explore DHL's service offerings relating to customs, rules and regulations; including a discussion on the impact of Brexit, and the new VAT rules coming into force in July, and what you can do to ensure you are prepared.

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DHL Global Forwarding

Learn more about how the role of new digital capabilities are having on the control of import & export operations and much more.

DHL Express

Discover how you will be affected by the new EU VAT rules and what you can do about it.

DHL Global Forwarding

Optimizing Global Customs Brokerage

New digital capabilities with Customs, Importers & Exporters, and Customs brokers are on all enabling much greater levels of transparency and control over import & export operations.

Speaker: Greg Nichols

Gerlach & Brexit

Thomas talks us through the benefits of using Gerlach as your independent customs broker, and clarifies the current Brexit customs situation. 

Speaker: Thomas Weins

DHL Express

EU Customs Regulatory Changes

How the new EU VAT rules coming into force in July 2021 will affect you, and what you can do about it.

Speakers: Patrick McCaffrey & Gordon