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What to Expect from a Leading Courier in Singapore


What to Expect from a Leading Courier in Singapore

As globalization became the benchmark for businesses and individuals to expand their horizons, countries quickly became reliant on importing and exporting to further their potential, curate unique products, and optimize their supply chains. The demand for international transportation – be it for people or products, grew exponentially. With the rise in the e-commerce industry and technological developments, it soon became easier for more businesses to take on a digital front to expand their reach globally.

What most people don’t see, is how big a role the logistics industry plays to connect and enable all these markets, businesses, and people. International transportation has its complications and a margin of unpredictability, with many external factors contributing to the success of a delivery.

When you send a parcel, document or shipment internationally, the fundamental objective is to transport the item from point A to point B. As simple as this may seem, you would have to factor in transportation efforts, customs complications, and last mile delivery timings all over the world. From a business perspective, with a wider scope of operations you would also consider how best to integrate a logistics function into your business eco-system. Trading with multiple countries and dealing with a wider range of commodities further complicates the process.  

This is the primary reason why people engage third-party logistics providers, so that all these gaps are covered by someone with more expertise, reach and industrial knowledge.


To keep abreast with the progress in commerce trends, business demands, and through studying cumulative statistics, we are able to divert our focus to zoom in on areas of development to remain competitive and relevant. 

One of our latest implementations addressing the rise of e-commerce businesses is the DHL Express API – a web plug-in feature that lets you and your customers directly engage DHL Express services as a shipping option, allowing for direct data transmissions for better accuracy and response, minimizing logistics turnaround time. 

As we phase into the digital era, DHL has also developed web portals and tools such as MyDHL+, MyBill, and ODD to add convenience to your shipping process in a secure manner. We continue to innovate, develop, and refine our services to ensure that you always receive the latest and up-to-date support available in the industry. 


Focusing on the customer’s journey, we constantly improve the shipping experience. So from the moment you get a quotation, until your recipient signs for their parcel or document, you have total control, flexibility, visibility to suit your preferences. This is made possible as DHL Express independently operates its own comprehensive network, tools, and transportation enabling us to handle thousands of shipments of varying sizes every single day.

Aside from running an efficient delivery system, the express courier service also work closely with regulatory bodies, to give you accurate information on your shipment’s clearance statuses – a feature that takes away the uncertainty of long customs processes. By training all our staff to be Certified International Specialists – trained in a uniform manner on a global scale, you can expect the same level of service regardless of the country.

Recognizing the complexity of the whole logistics process, DHL Express strives to provide a more seamless, one-stop solution to address all your logistics requirements, so you can reach the world, without any worry.


With over 50 years’ experience in international deliveries, DHL Express has dedicated our time and efforts to optimize flight schedules, network routes and delivery processes while working closely with governing bodies of customs around the world to ensure our shipments transit smoothly in and out of any destination.

Over the years the DHL brand has garnered the support of its customers and established our operations around the world. With a team of passionate employees from across the whole network to contribute to the common goal of delivering excellence and maintaining the consistency of quality.

Whether you are sending personal shipments and need the reassurance and visibility, or if you are a business wanting to optimize your supply chain, DHL Express focuses on the overall shipping experience while aiming to help boost your global potential.


While the company’s core business revolves around international logistics, its focus is always on the shipping experience, business development, and satisfactory resolutions. DHL Express always makes the best effort to accommodate all of its customers’ requests to meet their demands – big or small. The DHL brand is recognized by millions around the world as the industry leader that portrays reliability, speed, and exceptional service quality and being daring enough to venture into new possibilities by adapting to circumstances and developing industry leading solutions to stay ahead.

Learn more about how DHL Express can make a difference to you and your business today.

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