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Logistics Talks Episode 13: Decarbonizing Road Freight

In our latest episode of Logistics Talks we feature DHL’s own Michael Lohmeier, VP of Clean Ops Technology Center.

Tune into this insightful conversation as we discuss the future of sustainable road transport, strategies for electrifying the last mile, navigating the market challenges, and more! Gain valuable insights into the responsibilities and vision of the Clean Ops Technology Center at DHL and predictions for the future of logistics. Tune in today!

Logistics Talks Episode 12: The EV Road Ahead – Key Takeaways with Mercedes- Benz

Introducing an exclusive interview with Mercedes-Benz on EVTV!

Join us as we speak with Bernd Siffling, Head of Parts Logistics Middle East & Egypt at Mercedes-Benz. In this insightful discussion, Bernd shares his expertise and insights into the dynamic world of parts logistics within the Middle East and Egypt markets.

Gain insights into the challenges and opportunities in managing the supply chain for electric vehicle parts, as well as the strategies employed to ensure efficient and timely delivery to customers.

Discover how Mercedes-Benz is adapting to the changing landscape of electric vehicles and the increasing demand for sustainable logistics solutions.

More Talking

Drawing on his experience, Mark Chadwick shares his advice on how best to procure capacity during a crisis and recognizes that, in this changing world, partnerships are more important than ever.

In this episode of “Logistics Talks”, Tom France describes how Trane Technologies have adjusted their supply chain and logistics management under the constraints brought about by the ongoing intensities.

From “the major hurt on the industry” of dramatic pandemic-induced freight capacity reduction, Chris Busch describes successful United Cargo innovations that kept the supply chain running. 

This episode of “Logistics Talks” starts the conversation with three industry leaders. Tune in for fascinating insights and current perspectives on sustainability, including the role that logistics and the supply chain can play.

In this special edition of "Logistics Talks", Iris Socher-Lelong talks with Joan Eva Sainte-Claire on the challenges Bosch has faced, and the strategies they are developing to reach their 2025 sustainability targets.

In this episode of Logistics Talks we talk with Thomas Kirchermeier, Senior Vice President of Supply Chain Management at Vitesco Technologies. At the recent DHL Era of Sustainable Logistics, Thomas talked about the strategies Vitesco were building on their sustainability journey.

In this episode of Logistics Talks we talk with Gilles Weber, VP of Supply Chain Michelin, who talks about Michelin’s ambition to help reduce Auto Mobility’s environmental footprint in terms of Co2 emissions and pollution.

In this episode of Logistics Talks we talk with Hans Thibau, VP of Logistics Compressor Technique at Atlas Copco., who talks about the manufacturer’s long heritage of real-world emissions reduction in logistics, including the commitment to cut its own emissions by 46% and its business partners’ emissions by 28% by 2030.

In this two-part edition of “Logistics Talks,” we interview Professor Nils Finger of CBS International Business School in a deep-dive discussion on logistics in the world of academia. From exploring the impact of AI on various industries, to discussing sustainable solutions for companies on reducing their environmental footprint. Tune in today!

Gen Z – The Next Generation of Supply Chain Managers

In this second part of our Logistics in Academia series we have back with us Professor Nils Finger of CBS International Business School to talk all about the next generation of logistics professionals: Gen Z. In this episode, we delve into the evolving landscape of supply chain management providing insights into the unique characteristics and aspirations of these young minds entering the workforce.

Charging up the Electric Vehicle Movement

Through an insightful conversation with Björn Andersson, Managing Director, Middle East and Turkey at Volvo Trucks International, we discuss the current landscape of electric vehicles and the potential for a greener and more efficient future. Join us as we explore the exciting possibilities of electric vehicles and their role in shaping the way we move. 

The Era of Sustainable Logistics Global Summit: Zone Experience

Discover an overall view of the zone experience from the summit, including intro videos and key takeaways that you can download for each of the eight zones.