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Air, Ocean and Rail Freight Market Update Webinars

The uncertainty surrounding the Red Sea situation suggests an ongoing challenge with no defined resolution timeline, indicating that the pressure on capacity and the heightened spot rates are likely to continue in the near to mid-term. As Freight Forwarding Experts, we are here to help you navigate the global freight forwarding market and make sense of it all. 

Join us for the Freight Market Update webinar series, where we discuss events and trends shaping the global freight market today and what to expect tomorrow. Our experts will provide the key information essential for international shippers in dedicated deep-dive sessions on Air, Ocean, and Rail Freight. 

Red Sea Situation & Impact on Global Shipping

Following the Houthi rebel attacks against commercial shipping in the Bab al-Mandab Strait that started in December 2023, all major container shipping lines have suspended their services via Red Sea and through the Suez Canal. Read the latest developments of the situation, compiled by our Ocean Freight Experts.

DHL Global Freight Forwarding Market Updates

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