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DHL Home Delivery

Getting your shipments all the way to your customer's doorstep

We offer home deliveries throughout Sweden with a delivery time of 1-3 days, depending on the location, and the shipment can be tracked all the way from pickup to delivery.

When the delivery is on its way, your customer has the opportunity to choose the delivery day and time window. If the customer would like assistance with carrying the items into their home, the option of 'carrying to the designated location' is always available, making home delivery even more convenient.

The DHL Home Delivery Experience

Communication with and security for your customers is our focus.  We offer authentication using BankID or Freja eID to confirm their identity during our communication process. Our process is as simple as:

  1. The customer receives a text message with a website link where they make their delivery selections 
  2. When the delivery is on the way, the customer receives a text message
  3.  15 – 30 minutes before arrival, the driver will also contact the customer
  4.  Delivery complete! 

Key Feature and Service Options

In addition to core product features, our value added services make it easy to offer exceptional service to your customers. For complete details about the services offered with DHL Home Delivery, visit out Value Added Service page in the Shipper Help Center.

Measures and Weights

  • Maximum weight:  800 kg per colli, 2,500 kg per shipment
  • For items less than 50 kg maximum dimensions = 599 x 240 x 220 cm (l x w x h)
  • For items greater than 50 kg maximum dimensions = 299 x 240 x 220 cm (l x w x h)
  • Maximum volume:  3,57m3 per colli, 8,93m3 per shipment
  • Loading meter:  0,51 per colli, 1,28 per shipment

Additional Service Options

  • Allowing another person to receive the delivery by sharing a QR code
  • Delivery without a receipt
  • Pick up DHL terminal
  • Indoor delivery
  • Delivery without ID control

Cargo Insurance

We always do our utmost, but sometimes the unforeseen occur that might involve loss or damage to goods. Our liability does not always cover the full value of the goods. With DHL Cargo insurance, you have a reliable full-value insurance with extra security without deductible. This means that you can feel safe sending goods with DHL Freight.

Evening Delivery

We deliver when the recipient is home. With this option you can offer flexibility to anyone who prefers being home from 17:00 to 22:00. If you ask us, our evening delivery option offers your customers the highest level of flexibility and convenience in a home delivery service.

Carrying Help to Room of Choice

Many consumers appreciate simplicity and convenience in home deliveries. That is precisely why this is a popular option. The recipient points out a place in the home where the goods should be placed. Then we do the rest. All in all, the entire process is quickly and smoothly resolved in just minutes.


SEND IT GREEN is our value added service where we offer our customers a fossil-free * transport alternative within our network. It means that we produce the corresponding transport work that your shipment generates with fossil-free technology.

* The reduction of carbon dioxide is reported in the emission report. The emission report is a service that can be ordered for anyone who has a customer number with us.

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