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How to Prepare a Claim

Please read the instructions below regarding damaged shipment. If you have any questions regarding delays or losses, please contact DHL Freight Customer Service

Shipments with Visible Damage on Delivery

If the damage is externally visible, please ask the driver to assist to note the damage on the waybill/handheld computer before you sign for the delivery. If you don't note the damage, you will accept the goods in their present condition.

If you do not want to accept the shipment due to the damage, you are entitled to reject the delivery before signing for the shipment.

File a claim for damage using our claims form.

If the shipping charge for the shipment has been paid in another country, please contact the consignor to file a claim.

Shipment with Damage NOT Visible Until Unpacked

Hidden damages shall be reported to DHL as soon as possible, but not later than seven (7) calendar days after the receipt of goods. You must file a claim for hidden damage within seven calendar days of delivery. Specify the damage and the content, and attach photos of the damage.

File a claim for damage using our claims form

If the shipping charge for the shipment has been paid in another country, please contact the consignor to file a claim.

If loss or damage occurs, where should I note the damage or loss?

  • If goods are lost or damaged during transport and damage is externally visible, clearly note the waybill or transfer document with details of loss or damage when shipment is received
  • If the loss or damage is not visible until packages are opened, make a written complaint to the carrier within 7 calendar days of receipt of the goods

What information will I need to submit a claim?

For claims regarding delayed or lost goods we kindly ask you to contact our Customer Service.

Reporting damaged goods can be made via our form.

Information needed to include in reporting:

  • DHL Freight´s shipment number.
  • A copy of waybill/CMR.
  • Description of goods and the damage.
  • Weight of the damaged goods.
  • If the damage on product and/or packaging was discovered before or after unwrapping.
  • Images of the goods and its wrapping; full image of the product, detailed image of the damage, full image of the outer packaging, detailed image of the inner packaging.
  • Copy of the invoice or receipt that proves value of goods at DHL´s disposal.
  • Information whether repair of the goods is possible alternatively can be used in the existing condition against compensation (if the goods cannot be repaired or used in the existing condition, the explanation is needed on why).

Please send us the above information and any attachments within seven (7) calendar days from the delivery date.

Once we have received your claim, we will send a confirmation to the email address provided. In case we need additional information, we will revert to you.

Please notice that an invoice to DHL received before claim approval will be contested and returned.

Claim Form Process

Once we received your claim we will  send a confirmation to your e-mail address. If we need additional information, we will get back to you. To facilitate the process, we ask you to photograph the damage.

Please note, a claim invoice that’s received before the case has been approved will be contested and returned.

Important to consider in the case of damage to goods

  • Damaged goods may not be further transported, disposed of, assembled or handled in any other way while claims are ongoing.
  • Goods and packaging must be available for possible inspection at the consignee´s address.
  • Depending on the outcome of the claim, DHL may have the right but not the obligation to collect damaged goods.
  • The consignee is responsible for storing damaged goods in such way that damage does not worsen and new damage is not done.
  • Both consignor and consignee have a responsibility to be helpful in limiting the cost of damage.